Friday, January 26, 2007

Take THAT, Jimmy Carter!

Jimmy Carter, in his abomination book, stated that Israel is an "apartheid state." Well, JPost revealed something rather momentous today: a Druze MK is now next in line to serve as president, after what happened with Moshe Katsav. Read the article, yourself! I think this should be forwarded to everyone who believes Israel is some sort of inherently evil 'apartheid state.' Let them know that not only are Arab Israelis full citizens of Israel, but they also hold important positions in the government. Cheers, Red Tulips UPDATE: It should be noted that Shimon Peres (opinion about him excluded in the name of sanity) is evidently the front runner to be the permanent replacement of Katsav. Also, Alan Dershowitz wrote a great column concerning his recent encounter with Jimmy Carter at Brandeis right here.

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