Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More celebrity useful idiots

Now, personally, I am not in favor of the war in Iraq. But that is because we are supporting a government that is supporting Islamic extremism. Unless our strategy changes, I see Iraq as simply a waste of American resources. But I have a specific grievance with the government elected and the way it appears to be aligning itself with Iran. I do recognize that there are massive risks to leaving Iraq, and I recognize that things could be worse if we leave. In short, I do not believe I have all the answers when it comes to Iraq. Not so for the useful idiot celebrities who attended a recent anti-war rally in DC. Bill O'Reilly recently profiled these celebrities, and let me say...it is astounding that such non-reasoning is swallowed hook, line, and sinker by so many people. Go see the video yourself! (choose the 1/29/07 show) Questions/comments/thoughts on these people?


Jason said...

I'll drink molten lead before I believe anything O'Reily says.

In any case, this is exactly what I told everyone would happen. Any government that comes to power in Iraq will be an Islamic fundamentalist government under sharia law, and all that comes with that.

But of course no one listened. I still can't believe anyone actually thought the Iraqi's wanted the kind of freedom we have in the west.

Red Tulips said...


I think O'Reilly is a moron, but the point is that the video shows a reporter interviewing celebrity useful idiots, and they have the most banal and anti-thought responses to simple questions.

Very sad.

Mad Zionist said...

Tulips, I respect your blogging, even that which I disagree with, and am blogrolling you as a result. Thanks for your contributions at my site. I plan to return the favor in the future.

Thomas said...

O'Reilly is a populist, aswell as arrogant and a blowhard, but some of the useful idiots he skewers deserve every bit of his bluster.

As for the Iraq war, if any kind fo surge has been shot down, then I say we get out (but feel free to keep me there until my deployment time ends), and then pull out of the UN.

I still think it was unconscioanble to leave Sadaam in power, and I despise the red-brown alliance against the war, but I also find how foolish I was in my old thinking, and that I wnet along with Wilsonian foolishness.

Irina Tsukerman said...

What *I* don't understand is why anyone cares about what Jane Fonda or Susan Sarandon think. I mean, come on, not only they are completely passe, but they are not authorities on our foreign policies. They are not journalists, they are not professors, they are not politicians, they are not even Middle Easterners themselves.

Red Tulips said...


We disagree on some fundamental issues, but I appreciate the intellectual rigor you have put me through in defending my beliefs.


I think the problem is that the US in general foolishly followed a sort of ideal of bringing a Wilsonian democracy to the Mideast.


I agree, and yet the media covers this drivel, and celebs seem to have a voice with which to air their inane viewpoints.

Kevin said...

That's the best thing about O'Reily, he makes people with stupid views look stupid. Even if he a stupid and arrogant little man himself.

Jason said...

The only people who REALLY give a damn about what celebrities think is the right, and they just use them as strawmen, scapegoats, and just as a way to fire up "the base".

I've never met anyone on the left who got their views from celebrities.

Red Tulips said...


The celebs were granted a platform with which to speak, and so I woudl say that the far left does listen to what they have to say. I am not saying that the Democratic party echoes these viewpoints, but the far left most certainly does. That said, these people also believe the Dems are sellouts, and advocate communism.


Yes, O'Reilly is a stupid blowhard, but he is a genius compared to these people. It was amusing to watch his video.