Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Eat your heart out at Heart Attack Grill

John Stossel has an pointed out a fun restaurant with a great gimmick and a perfect place for Michael Moore and Bill Clinton to eat at. Morgan Spurlock should go there for yucks, too. The place is called the Heart Attack Grill, and everything served is bad for you, and they admit that straight up. The place is set in Tempe, AZ so a perfect place for ASU students, especially with the waitresses known as nurses. They even have fun menu items like quadruple bypass burgers and flatline fries. Unfortunately, the falangists are all up in arms over the naughty nurse stereotype perpetuated by the waitresses. The State Attorney General has threatened to shut down the restaurant and the Arizona Nurse's Board is upset about the title nurse being used by the waitresses. Luckily the bullies were exposed so the Heart Attack Gril was spared the threat of being shut down. Now the only unfortunate thing is that this idiocy is being done in a great state like Arizona. Arizona is supposed to be a land of liberty and Barry Goldwater and the Attorney General's bullying dishonors everything Arizona should represent. Now, let's get Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Jerrold Nadler, and Al Sharpton to have an eating contest at Heart Attack Grill. Last survivor wins :)

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Red Tulips said...

What a joke. Reminds me of the banning of trans fat in NYC.

The nanny state-ification of this country is sweeping the land.