Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I will get to posting more about my trip as soon as I can, but until then, I have a story to tell you all about my flight home... I was on a plane with a little baby who was running up and down the aisles, for almost the entire 12 hours. I took a sleeping pill soon after take off, and I was very confused about this all. My limbs were quite heavy and weighing me down. Then, I woke to people in shock and horror around me. Someone said to not touch a brown pile on the floor near where I was sitting. My half awake, half asleep brain did not comprehend anything, and accidently brushed my hands against...BABY SHIT! Yes, a baby shat on the floor right next to where I was sitting. I was instantly awake when I realized what happened, and in shock and horror, I started asking for a napkin, and I cleaned my hands. The mother of the baby, instead of appologizing, was yelling at the stewards and stewardesses who wanted her little demon spawn held securely in a seat. "MY CHILD NEEDS TO ROAM FREE ON A 12 HOUR FLIGHT!" There was then an argument with the flight attendants over who should have to clean up the baby shit. One of the flight attendants lost the argument, and I heard this man say, under his breath, "I cannot believe I am going to law school and cleaning up baby shit." After the poo was finally cleaned, I tried to lay back in my seat for some SLEEP, only this fat couple in the seats behind me would not let me and kept kicking my seat. I had enough, and tried to change my seat, only the plane was full, and there was no empty seat! So basically, I was stuck with a seat next to baby shit, with a couple that would not let me lean back in my seat without kicking it, for 12 hours! Afterwards, I went straight to work from the airport! I still am recovering from my flight, hehehehehe. I am really glad to be off that hellish plane, but I miss Israel terribly!! I feel I left a part of myself in Israel. Hoping no one else gets stuck on a plane for 12 hours with a crack mom and devil child, Red Tulips


Anonymous said...

This is the second time I've read about a horror flight story. Maybe there's a theme here, maybe a blog devoted to horror flights.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Whenever you encounter seriously rude or stupid people in public ask who they voted for.

Maybe, in time, it would help you decide that you can no longer be in the same party as them. With this mom, hmm, overgrown sense of entitlement, feeling that others should pay for her "pain", refusal to clean up her own child's mess, pushy and demanding broad ---LIBERAL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely :-)

Red Tulips said...


I am glad you like the story!

Kevin said...

This is almost as funny as that story you told me about your sister when she was small.
*has wii fatigue*

Michael said...

Having myself traveled by plane with a toddler once, and toddler/baby combo twice, my sympathies are all with you and the flight crew, RT.

It is the parent's responsibility to keep the kids under control on a flight.

And to clean the poop.

(kudos to you, by the way, for know that 'shat' is the past tense of 'shit')

TestingTFV said...

Hey, I don't have a solution for the baby shit problem. But, I did find a product to solve the "fat ass next to you problem", check out my experience: http://testingtfv.blogspot.com/2007/03/used-my-inflatable-airline-seat.html --TFV