Monday, January 29, 2007

How to defeat Islamofascism and hate

In light of yesterday's deadly attack in Eilat, I thought I would post something about what every person out there, across the world, can do to defeat Islamofascism. Every person should be the best person they can be. That seems somewhat obvious, but really, it is not. When I was in Israel, I encountered all sorts of people, good and bad. And in my encounters, I had to be careful to not generalize. For instance, if a shopkeeper was rude to me, it would have been very easy to generalize and say "all Israeli shopkeepers are rude." And yet that is what happens every day. Think about it. You are all ambassadors for the ethnic/racial/social groups that you are a member of. Every single contact that you have with every single person you encounter (and I mean everyone), has the potential to make a difference in the world. Let's say, for instance, you are rude to someone on the subway. Let's say it was something so simple as not being able to get a seat when you wanted to. What then? The person you were rude to may choose to forget about what happened, or they could look at you and say "Oh, look at that XYZ person. TYPICAL! Another rude XYZ person." And then your little action will have a ripple effect across the world. Very few of us will be working for the FBI, IDF, CIA, Mossad, etc etc etc. Very few of us will be in positions of real power to be able to effect massive change on a more global scale. And yet each of us has a responsibility to be the best people we possibly can. I think the small little 'nothing' decision that we make every day often are overlooked. And yet they are the most important decisions of all. There is more that we can all do. Each of us has a responsibility to read as much as possible, and inform ourselves about the state of the world, so that in casual conversation, you will accurately be able to assert your position with friends and acquaintances. Each of us has the responsibility to spread what we know to those that we know, thus shedding some light upon the ignorance of the world. When combining both efforts on a mass scale, it will do a heck of a lot to defeat ignorance and hate. Just remember these things every morning you wake up out of bed. Think about what you can do, in your own small way, to make the world a better place. All the best, Red Tulips


ratherdashing said...

What always baffled me about the 9-11-01 terrorists (before I had a better understanding of Islamic radicals) was how I couldn't understand how people who had lived in the U.S. and met Americans could, as a group, commit the atrocious crime that they did. Was there not one American that was kind to them? I can't believe that they never came across a sweet little old lady or an innocent child or a perky college kid or a loving father in their stay in the U.S. They had to have met somebody nice! But, they were so robotically programmed to kill despite that encounter. It's a sick twisted way to go through life.

I'll admit that my attitude toward others is poor at times. So, I'm gonna take RT's advice. I strive to replace my willful ways and my personal agenda with God's will each morning. If I could just die to my own selfish nature and pursue His goals, things may be just a little better. I know He wants us to love one another and this may or may not deter the true hater. But, it will continue to change me.

Thanks RT, I enjoy this portion of your blog.

Red Tulips said...


You are an example of someone using religion in a positive way, and already are making that great impact upon the world in your small way.

All the best,

Red Tulips