Monday, February 27, 2006


George Clooney recently came out and stated that he relishes being on covers of magazines, where he is branded a "traitor" to the country, because of his views on the Iraq War, and the movies Syriana and Good Night and Good Luck. Both are critical of the forces that seek to impose censorship, and Syriana in particular is critical of the way in which big oil intersects with politics. I personally did not like the movie Syriana (as it was hard to follow and could have used a tighter script), but this definitely goes back to what I said before: he is covering topics that simply are not adequately covered in the media. His fictional films have become more real than reality. I wonder what that says about the current state of journalism, a profession too spineless to publish the Danish cartoons, too spineless to stand up for slain Muslim journalists, and too spineless to actually show what Bush is doing domestically and abroad. (except if a birdshot is used)


Citisucks said...

The cartoons were racist and stupid. They did not deserve to be published. Why do you hate all non-white people so much?

Red Tulips said...

You are wasting space on this blog.

I believe in freedom of speech, including the freedom to offend. There is either freedom of speech, or there isn't. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

"I believe in freedom of speech, including the freedom to offend."

That is good, because you have offended many. Apparently it's something "anonymous" people like doing online.

Would you be so brave w/ your real name out there, "Red Tulips"? How about Steven?

Culture for All said...

LOL "Anonymous"! :)