Monday, February 27, 2006

"Muslim Madonna" faces death threats.

Well, I wish I was surprised by this one. But alas, it is quite predictable. Deeyah, known as the "Muslim Madonna" has received death threats and now needs 24/7 security guards after she made her latest video. The video was a statement against the treatment of women in Islamic society. There is an image of a woman in a burka, who strips it off to reveal a bikini. You also see images of men and women with tape over their mouths, censored, who then pull the tape off their mouths and proclaim their right to free speech. Of course her death threats are predictable. God forbid a woman's right to self determination and celebration of her sexuality is allowed. The hideous abuse of women in Islamic society is very real. Please go to Deeyah's website, and show her your love.

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Butchie! said...

Turns out she is not much of an ally.