Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Expensive swearing

Evidently, a teen in England was charged 80 pounds for public swearing. He said the words "fuck" and that was enough to get a Scotland Yard man to charge the man with a penalty. We have entered a time when individuals, who are not on broadcast TV, can be fined for saying mere words. (at least in England) Words are just words. It is society that determines some are "naughty" or "evil." George Carlin famously had a court case, FCC v. Pacifica, in which the seven dirty words were held to violate broadcast TV standards. I hope this case remains limited to mass media...certainly, we are not well off if we have to watch every word we say in public, lest Big Brother step in.


Kevin said...

That's nothing new, coppers do what they want. They think they are the law, not the civil servants that are there to enforce the law and to help in the judicial process.

Though police officers now have powers to arrest people for minor things or for nothing at all. As long as the police officer does an assement then he or she can take somebody in.
Thats as far as i understand it.
Police state in less than 20 years anyone ?

Red Tulips said...

Of course I totally agree with you.