Thursday, February 16, 2006


Okay, I might as well be out with it. I think the Danish cartoons were protected free speech. I see no reason why it's wrong to criticize a religion, or a religious figure. I see no reason why somehow religion gets a free pass whereas every other subject doesn't, especially when religion is so intrinsically linked to politics. So there you have my opinion. But I wonder now...if the Danish cartoons were so offensive...what about the images below? You be the judge of this. Which of these images do you feel are offensive enough to cause wars? NOTE: NONE of these cartoons/images in fact HAVE started wars or such a worldwide uproar. <- South Park//The Virgin Mary with blood squirting out her ass and onto a priest <- The Prophet Muhammed featured in 15th century Islamic Art at the Met <- The Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung//Brooklyn Museum <- Hitler having sex with Anne Frank//Iranian newspaper <- The famed Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed You be the judge. What is the most offensive thing on there? Because if the Danish cartoons can start riots around the world...what exactly does it say about the rest of these? What does it say about the future of free expression?

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I can't see some of the images :/ Great post tough.