Friday, February 17, 2006

Israelis launch THEIR OWN cartoon contest!

This news put a smile on my face: an Israeli group is launching a contest to come up with the most offensive and anti-semitic (anti-Jewish, not anti-Arab) images possible! How brilliant! This, to me, is the beauty of Judaism. It's a religion that is able to laugh at itself. Think Jackie Mason, Rodney Dangerfield, Woody Allen, Richard Lewis, Larry David, and Judy Cohen! (there needs to be more female comics) Judaism has a rich tradition of laughing at itself and poking fun at the religion. I say that is what the world needs more of - more humor! Personally, I found the below cartoon to be hysterical: I quite like (and agree) with the comment of someone on that site: "This is a fantastic idea: A people or religion that can laugh at itself is a confident, strong and self secure. It can show the Islamic world that humor and self deprecation is a healthy psychological exercise. The one who can face his demons can overcome his weaknesses" Ash, NJ Couldn't have said it better myself!


qrswave said...

not comparable. but, nice try.


Red Tulips said...

I was not trying for anything. I was just commenting on my pride at the ability of a religion to laugh at itself. Can you show me the same for Muslims? I honestly would like to see it.