Monday, February 27, 2006

Mayor Ken Livingstone of London - SUSPENDED!

So much for freedom of speech. Mayor Ken Livingston was suspended after he called a reporter a Nazi. That's right. THAT WAS HIS OFFENSE! Evidently, there is a law in England that allows suspension of office if the individual brings the office in disrepute - the disrepute determined by local boards. How exactly does this help Jewish groups? I mean, all this does is reinforce a certain notion that there is a double standard for speech. Of course, it is different, in that Livingstone is a public official. Still, he broke no laws - why should he be suspended?!?! In response to this all, Livingston said he meant no offense against Jews as a whole, and refused to appologize. Good on him. He has no reason to appologize. It just seems shocking to think that a group of three can suspend a mayor who was democratically elected in such an undemocratic mayor. All over one little comment. So much for the "marketplace of ideas."

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