Sunday, July 8, 2007

Harry Potter the end of an era

So it's not long till the Deathly Hallows comes out. I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand i'm really excited to see how Harry ends up winning and on the other i know this will be the last time i read a new Harry Potter book (unless Rowling changes her mind about writing more, though i don't hold out much hope). I came late to Harry Potter (a certain person nagged me into the reading them). I read the first book and was hooked from there. Rowling has blended in so many different elements into her books. From the Pure blood Wizard mania (similar to how the Nazi's saw the purity of German blood being ruined by even one Jewish relative), to choices showing who a person really is, rather than based on their blood or abilitys. So come the 21st of July i will be in London with a few other Harry Potter fanatics soaking up the atmosphere of waiting for the last book. I am planning on writing a report of the weekend for cultureforall, as it will make a nice change from what i usually drivel on about. If you are not a fan of Harry Potter then tough. I laugh at those who think Harry Potter promotes witchcraft, because it does not. The book is a good old fashioned good vs evil tale with lots of shades of grey in between. Rowling Interview from Friday:


Nazli said...

If anything, Red Tulip, your blog gives me a perspective I would never have considered otherwise!

How are you? Looks like you are taking on teh ME. How about the Arab summit to Israel. Good stuff?

I am itching to restart my blog and opinine on affairs Middle East

Cheers :-)

Red Tulips said...

Thanks, Nazli! Glad to see you here!