Saturday, June 30, 2007

State Media Funding Jihadi's

Failed London car bombs, which were planned to be using "Propane & Petrol" as Explosive with a deadly cocktail of nails to rapture and tear nearby peoples, is well known by now. Police estimated that if the bomb found near tiger-tiger (not the second one) might have exploded, then injured/death toll might be up to 1600. yet something is gone unheard. This post is dedicated to the unheard corner of the news... CBS news has something special in its article, it adds

Hours before London explosives technicians dismantled a large car bomb in the heart of the British capital's tourist-rich theatre district, a message appeared on one of the most widely used jihadist Internet forums, saying: "Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed."

CBS News found the posting, which went on for nearly 300 words, on the "al Hesbah" chat room. It was left by a person who goes by the name abu Osama al-Hazeen, who appears regularly on the forum. The comment was posted on the forum, according to time stamp, at 08:09 a.m. British time on June 28 -- about 17 hours before the bomb was found early on June 29.

Al Hesbah is frequently used by international Sunni militant groups, including al Qaeda and the Taliban, to post propaganda videos and messages in their fight against the West.

I tried to look at this Al-Hesbah website, which is sponsor by State funded Channels, like Al-Reuters, CNN, ABC, AFP, AP, Swiss Info, ZDF, MSNBC and so on...

My Surprise was, that Hamas propaganda channel in West was missing from list, Perhaps because Hamas is more Shia/Iran based, instead of Chatting in Sunni insurgents Chat rooms...

thus You will miss this Channel in above list.

One more question struck to my mind was, for whom are our media really working. Propaganda videos and messages are posted on such sites, funded out by our Tax money, and later used against us. Is our media really capable to work on its own, or are they just broadcasting the same propaganda videos over the news network, which is believed to be to inform the nationals, and to protect them from any coming disaster.

CBS news further added

Al-Hazeen's message begins: "In the name of God, the most compassionate, the most merciful. Is Britain Longing for al Qaeda's bombings?"

Al-Hazeen decries the recent knighthood of controversial author Salman Rushdie as a blow felt by all British Muslims. "This 'honouring' came at a crucial time, a time when the whole nation is reeling from the crusaders attacks on all Muslim lands," he said, in an apparent reference to the British role in Iraq.

"We say to Britain: The Emir of al Qaeda, Sheikh Osama, has once threatened you, and he carried out his threats. Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah, London shall be bombed," the message reads.

Speaking at a news conference Friday after the bomb scare in central London, the Metropolitan Police force's Counter-Terrorism Commander Peter Clarke said that officials had "no indication that we were going to be attacked this way".

Prior to the Thursday night posting by al-Hazeen, there had been no specific allusions to threats against London or Britain seen on al Hesbah, or any other major jihadist forums in recent weeks.

Several responses to the posting by other forum members expressed hope that an attack against London would be realized in the near future.

In response, al-Hazeen urges patience, saying, "Victory is very close, but you are just rushing it."

Shock For intelligence agencies,

Intelligence sources who spoke to CBS News Friday morning seemed to express surprise at the discovery of the device, suggesting there had been "no warning, no intel, no smell" as a prelude to the plot — a vacuum of information which reportedly had Britain's domestic intelligence agency "very, very worried".

Yet if intelligence agencies can't recognize the real enemy inside democracies, the corrupted media groups, then what we can do. For sure, Media agencies are far more concentrated in collecting information about the movements of our troops, even by providing and sponsoring chat channels to Mujahadeen, then what you can suppose to happen?

BBC Hindi was running a Headlines for more then 12 hours, "London Police diffused 'Suspected' Bomb.", My Question of BBC is, I read from years about "Suspected Militants", but don't you think 'Suspected' Bomb is a bit more to digest.

Media disservice continues...

Media agencies had gone on one more level low, and they decided this time to undermine the threat the Car Bomb might have caused. MSNBC, a channel supporting Sunni insurgent chat room in above list, has a special coverage to undermine the effect, which can be located on hotair.

Please note, MSNBC even had decresed the Quantity of Petrol used. MSNBC says, it was 50 gallons. CNN told us, its was 60 Gallons.

Yet the deadliness of 25 litres of kerosene can be realized by recent samjhauta express blast in India. one can easily Imagine how deadly a "far more explosive" Petrol can be, especially when packed with Nails as projectiles with Propane.

The most strange part of the whole situation is synchronized Propaganda shift. Suddenly Muslim world had shifted its attention from largest Satan of the world, towards the Western Presence in Iraq. Whole global Media agencies have also shifted from "Salaman Rashdie" row to "War in Iraq" to justify the action.

Death to Terrorist On the eve of Failed Car Bomb, MPACUK (terrorist organization supporting Jihad in Kashmir and Israel) had received a death threat Note. MPACUK spoke person seems to be worried about the death threat, but had not contacted or complained the Police regarding Death threat.

The contents of Death Threat are not made public, I wonder what was inside the Death threat note?

Death to Terrorist...

Under such conditions, i will rather say... it was a stunt from MPACUK to minimize the pressure, what might have occurred if they succeed in the bombing. what ever, if someone come across the some post in Media referring "UK Muslims feels the heat", then please forward it to this blog.......


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