Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I woke up this morning to learn that Israel is enduring the sort of general strike that I believe the United States has never endured in the history of its nation. All of the public sector employees are on strike...the airport is mostly closed, trains, buses, ports, banks, hospitals have limited service, museums and universities are closed. That is just for starters. Feel free to read more about it right here.

To sum it up...Israel faces an enormous daily threat from Gaza in the south and Hizballah in the North. On a daily basis, the Arab world speaks of its annhilation. And yet on top of this, the economy has ground to a halt due to this strike. Frankly, if there WERE to be an attack, it would be now.

Frightening times we live in. I hope this strike is resolved ASAP.


Michael said...

Lovely thing, this strike.
I had a job interview scheduled today, at the Technion, and got a call last night from the lady I was to meet:
"Well, if I'm at work tomorrow, we'll meet, otherwise, can we make it next week?"

Sure, lovely, no problem... Maybe I'll see that differently when I'm employed...

Irina Tsukerman said...

This is just ridiculous. Israel is one of the most striking countries I know of. I'm just thinking that strikes are a lot like tantrums. When you're facing an issue, instead of trying to work together with the government like adults to resolve it, you fall on the floor kicking and screaming. Come on! Strikes are devastating for EVERYONE, including the people involved. I'd think that by now they would have come up with some other means of resolving their issues.