Tuesday, July 10, 2007

'Jon the Antizionist Jew'

I know I have been away for too long, but I have been struggling to figure out what I should write. What is my unique voice in this blogosphere?

I found something incredibly important to write about today.

Please read the following link.

The man 'Jon the Antizionist Jew' (what an abomination!) supports the man who gave away Israel's nuclear secrets to a British paper. He sees him as a fine individual, even a hero!

Secondly, he said this about the citizens of Sderot...

Now, please do not get me wrong; I have no ill will towards the people of Sderot or any other Israeli town or city; I wish no one to suffer, Israeli or Palestinian and I gain no joy when one does. But as someone that is a part of a Solidarity movement, I do have a problem with this event. Just look at the intent, that the people of Sderot should live just live the 'safe' citizens of Tel Aviv. I can imagine that the Euro-American settlers felt much the same way on the constantly expanding borders of the American frontier, vulnerable to attacks from the 'barbaric' violence of the natives, which of course, they were just defending themselves from, of course. But that is the way of the colonial settler society; the central, thoroughly ethnically cleansed homeland is much less risky than the rough borders of such activity, whether we are talking about Sderot and Tel Aviv or Little Bighorn and New York City. The problem in Israel/Palestine, of course, is that the hegemonic center and the frontier are right next to each other, and the monopoly of violence by the occupier/colonizer is not absolute like in the days of old (the solution- build a wall, lots of walls!).

And let's also not forget that this is not new; Sderot was built on/next to the ruins of the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village of Najd, and has, like many areas bordering Gaza and the OPT, has felt its share of violence from the conflict. But this is not surprising, just read the words of Moshe Dayan by the Gates of Gaza, who was a very logical Zionist of the old socialist-secular variety, but a colonizer like the rest;


Jon the antizionist Jew is 'anti-violence,' but understands and condones the violence against citizens of Sderot. Israel itself is a colonialist nation, anti-democratic and evil to its core, and so this is what you can expect. And anyone who takes steps to bring down the state (Mordechai Vanunu, who gave nuclear secrets of Israel's) is a hero, and he is only a 'political prisoner' in Israel.

How do you combat this? We are not talking about logic. We are not talking about someone who uses reason. Isn't the only way to combat this to simply stop those without opinions (or weak opinions) from becoming another Rachel Corrie, or "Jon the Antizionist Jew"?

There is simply no dialogue with people of this ilk. There is only screaming and yelling. The ONLY way to combat these idiots is to, when they appear to have a point, show how they are wrong, systematically, point by point. Debunk and "fisk" them, line by line, showing where they are wrong. But do not do it with any hope of changing their mind...but rather, preventing the new generations of Corries and 'Jon the Antizionist Jews.'


ratherdashing said...

What is my unique voice in this blogosphere?


I wish I knew half as much about the Israeli/Palestinian issue as you. You are much better at challenging this man's thinking than most. So, take him on. What you've learned in your studies of Israeli history can be used to knock him down a few notches. If you don't, then who will? This may be your blogosphere calling.

...then post the results for our enjoyment.

felix said...

I have read some of his Israel-hating diaries. One thing that comes up is whether "jon the anti-zionist jew" is jewish. Since he (or she) posts anonymously, who knows? When an inquiry is made if he is jewish, his defenders get very defensive on the subject and jon himself doesn't answer.

Red Tulips said...


Thanks for the compliment!


There are so many self hating Jews out there, I would not be surprised if in fact 'Jon' was Jewish. It is the sad state of affairs in modern Jewry.