Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is to come unless things change - Malmo, Sweden

On Israelly Cool's website, I can across a rather disturbing video of what happened in Malmo, Sweden on January 25, 2009. It was on this day that a peaceful demonstration of support for Israel was interrupted by a violence mob of Arabs who threw rotten eggs, glass bottles, rocks, and even rockets/fireworks at the peaceful lovers of Zion. The peaceful supporters of Israel had a permit to demonstrate, and the violent rocket throwing Arabs did not have such a permit. In response, the police dispersed the entire crowd, including the peaceful and permit-carrying supporters of Israel, shutting down the demonstration. The heckler's veto won, and silenced the force of good in this world. There was of course no condemnation of what happened, and silence in the world media. Likely many in the media believe the peaceful Jews "had it coming" by "daring" to simply show support for the one state in the Middle East which believes in human rights. Or maybe they had it coming by "daring" to be Jews at all. Please see the video yourself to see what hysterical moral relativism and postmodern ideas disbelieving a "right" and a "wrong" exist will ultimately result in. This is where America is heading unless things change.

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