Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A brief history of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs

This post has been inspired by a column I read on Gay Conservative Liberal's website. He believed there must be a reason Israel is hated, because it is hated so much! This is what I replied to him in a comment...

You are far off the mark in this one. Think of it this way. Six million Jews died in the Holocaust. According to you, there "must have been a reason." You fail to realize some people hate just because they are taught to hate from birth. That is the only reason, and the reason why we have an intractable problem with regards to the Israeli Arab conflict.A longer time frame of the conflict can be found on the Myths and Facts website.

To give you a long story short: there have been pogroms and attacks against Jews for thousands of years. But specifically, these attacks increased during the 20th century, under the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. After the Holocaust, Israel was offered a state, as were the Palestinians, by the UN. The Palestinians, under the Mufti (who was an architect for Hitler's Final Solution), rejected the partition plan. This plan was to have an Israel on land which was majority Jewish due to immigration before and after the Holcaust.

Instead of accepting this state, the Palestinians (a people which did not exist at the time, and are not a seperate ethnicity from Jordanians any more than New Yorkers or New Jerseyians are seperate ethnicities) waged war upon Israel, and attempted a genocide after the Holocaust...and lost. Prior to the Israeli Arab conflict, 'refugees' were not defined as people who are part of a group that attempted a genocide and then lost.

Since 1948 (the founding of the state), the Palestinians and Arabs in general have refused to accept any state of Israel on any land at all. Instead, there has been constant terror attacks against Israel.

In 1967, there was an attempted annihilation of Israel, which was defeated in the Six Day War. This is how Israel won the Sinai, Judea and Samaria, and Gaza. In response, Israel attempted to give this land - won in a defensive war - back. All they wanted was peace and recognition. Instead, in Khartoum, they got the famous "three Nos" - no peace, no recognition, no negotiations. source Since then, the jihad has not ceased. The 'two state solution' was proposed first in Oslo, only to find out that Arafat did not truly intend two states - he wanted jihad. (Abbas has not proven different) And Hamas is even further radical.The past eight years have witnessed eight years of rockets against Israel, and nary a response. Finally Israel is defending itself, and doing so in the most pinpointed way possible.

I say this war is not only justified, but necessary. If Israel does not go after Hamas in Gaza, and fails to defend the South of Israel, they lose all right to call themselves a state. The primary duty of a state is to defend its citizens.

To sum up, if you want to know the root of this conflict, read about the history of jihad. That is what this conflict is about.

As an aside, for gay reasons to support Israel, I highly suggest you read the attached link, which discusses why it is the gay thing to do to support Israel!


knossos said...

Perhaps you didn't quite understand the timeline in the Wikipedia's article about the Mufti. There is no evidence that he was involved as an "architect for Hitler's Final Solution". He was used to disturb the Britains, an then for some minor tasks for the SS. The Germans had no other needs for him because they had their own architects.
You span the bow between the Holocaust and the hostile Palestinians, but you forget that it was their land and their home, which was "offered" to the Jews. I wonder to find out with which justification this land was offered by the U.N., it was in history lost with the fall of the Israeli Kingdom, and the U.N. would have the same right today to give back, say, Hungary to Austria, or Macedonia to Bulgaria. The Hungarians would not be pleased, and the Macedonians also not amused. The U.N. did not own the country and the Jews also didn't. So, if you would be a inhabitant there, would you be pleased that your country isn't yours anymore ? The so-called Palestinians refused when the Jews offered to fight against the British protectorate in common (!). This is, because they knew that the Jews would make their own state there and not, like the colonial powers, only protect their interests.
There is also no evidence that the land was in "majority jewish before and after the holocaust". How can you claim this ? Do you have the complete inhabitant statistics of the time ?
Please read history before you write about, because there was no attempted annihilation of Israel in 1967 but a concentrated massive attack (of course against a possible attack by the Arabs) without announcement by Israel, first destroying the Egyptian Air force, like Japan in Pearl Harbour. Later, the Jom-Kippur-War was really that case, as Israel was attacked.

Red Tulips said...


There is in fact plenty of evidence that Haj Amin Al Husseini was involved in Hitler's Final Solution. I read an entire book to that regard, David Dalin's book Icon of Evil.

It is true that the Mufti was not the only architect of Hitler's Final Solution, but he was one of the architects.

The 'Palestinians' did not have some sort of inherent and inalienable 'right' to the land which would prevent two states from forming. In fact, there is a great deal of evidence that most of the 'Palestinians' in 1948 were recent immigrants, drawn there by the higher wages the Jews were paying.

There was a census taken in 1947, and in fact the land offered by the UN was majority Jewish. This is a historical fact. citation

The 'Palestinians' never had a state to begin with, and never had some sort of 'inherent' right to rule over Jews. The Jews, on the other hand, did not desire to have Arabs as second class citizens, and famous Zionists such as Henrietta Szold and Martin Buber called for a bi-national state.

It was the Arabs who made a bi-national state simply impossible. There were pogroms and massacres of Jews starting the 1920s, and ratcheting up until the 1948 war. This war would have been unnecessary, should the Arabs have accepted the UN partition plan. Only they rejected this plan, and tried to annihilate Jews after the Holocaust. In no other situation on earth are 'refugees' so beloved and sympathized over, when these 'refugees' are 'refugees' because their leaders attempted genocide - and lost.

This 1948 war, which was won by Jews, has never been accepted as a defeat by the Arabs. And thus in 1967, there was an open build up of armies and calls for the total annihilation of Israel ("pushing it into the sea"). The world stood by and did nothing, yet Israel won the war anyway due to ingenuity.

To blame the victim - i.e., Jews, is deplorable.

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