Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rally in NYC today by the Israeli Consulate

Below is a link to pictures that I took at the rally for Israel by the Israeli Consulate. This rally, not a counter-protest but an affirmative rally, occurred today in NYC during my lunch hour. It was so crowded, it was very hard to take pictures. At least 3,000 came out to brave the cold. Am Yisrael Chai!


There was no significant counter-protest to this, just some random Neturei Karta 'Jews.' It was so wonderful to see the Jewish people united behind a common cause, and speaking out about what is right. This pro-Israel rally, whereby the speakers spoke of how the Palestinians themselves are victims of Hamas, contrasts with what was seen a week ago, with open terror support. Every speaker I heard said how war was not desired, but was simply necessary for self defense. Moreover, none of the other rallies I attended had this level of attendance. I am so proud to be a Jew, a New Yorker, and someone who loves and appreciates humanity itself. The message was so clear: Israel wants peace and security. These are basic needs. Rest assured; the truth WILL win out in the end. And I will continue going to rallies and doing what I can to bring out the truth amidst so many lies.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping for a rally or protest here in Atlanta, so I can go stand with the proud Jewish people and voice my support for the current IDF operations. I hope to be able to counter-protest the terrorist sympathizers.

elik said...

איר אלע פאשיסטן וועט פארדינען !!
געדענקסטו מיך ר' ייד?
i just love cowerds who support other people fighting

בעסטע ווונטשן
, אליק אלחנן

Red Tulips said...

Hi Elik!

I see you have found my blog. I guess I have hit a nerve, eh? Why else the number of comments you have left here?

I am a coward? I believe you are the coward, for refusing to confront Hamas, and instead confronting a democratic state that will not murder you for your opinions.

Try going to Gaza and acting as a 'human shield' against Hamas smuggling tunnels.

What is it? You won't do that? You only go after IDF operations, and not those of Hamas? I wonder why that is! You said you believe in 'peace,' after all!

Anonymous said...

You are spitting in the face of humanity.

Non-jews have rights too. Your indoctrination by the MOSSAD and an imperial Israeli government is making you BLIND.

The rest of the world is catching on to this.

To get an idea how the rest of the world views the event try to imagine that another country (let's say IRAN) attacked Israeli citizens in international waters and Killed some of them.

Would you sit back and take the excuse that a FULLY armed Iranian navy was merely defending themselves?! Now imagine that they sang a song ridiculing the dead Israeli citizens!!!

The one-sided view of ISRAEL is always RIGHT no matter what and EVERYONE is WRONG is quite bizarre