Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My reply to those who do not believe Hamas uses human shields

Somehow the fact that 'Palestinians' use human shields does not sink in for everyone. So I will supply yet more links:

Video 1: video evidence of Hamas using human shields

Video 2: Hamas TV officially calls on children to be human shields

Link 3: Human Rights Watch (an organization extremely biased against Israel) nonetheless wrote of the extensive use of human shields, including human shields who voluntarily try to become 'shahids,' aka, martyrs.

link right here

Link 4: Hamas themselves discuss the use of human shields

To those who still doubt the use of human shields, I believe I have presented irrefutable proof they in fact do exist. To claim that Israel should give up and commit suicide, rather than fight against jihadists simply because they use human shields, contravenes every norm of international law. It is a biased and offensive double standard against Israel that you do not have against any other nation on earth.

I will go on. Israel uses missile technology which has the capability of changing the missile paths to avoid hitting civilians. a link right here

The IDF does everything it can - far and above what every other nation on earth does - to avoid hitting civilians. There is, as I have said, literally nothing more they can do.

The blood of every single 'civilian' in Gaza is on Hamas's hands. Caleb, if your friend actually cared for the well being of his fellow travellers, he would be anti-Hamas. But he does not care about their well being. He just cares about demonizing Israel.

There have been violent demonstrations against Jews in major cities around the world. It has gotten so bad, that now synagogues are being fire bombed and vandalized. I can assure you there was no equivalent against Muslims after 9/11 - a crime that actually was Islamically perpetrated. I have seen - with my own two eyes - open calls for the mass murder of Jews. In Golders Green, roving gangs attacked Jewish stores. In Chicago, synagogues were defaced with swastikas. On Long Island, a Jewish wedding was interrupted with calls for jihad. In France, by Strasbourg, a synagogue was firebombed. In Antwerp, roving gangs terrorized the Jewish neighborhood. In Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (more Holocaust survivors per capita than anywhere else on earth, outside Israel), there was a call for Jews to be sent to the ovens and for Israel to be nuked.

It has gotten so bad that in NYC, there now is self defense training for Jews, and the start up of a CST-equivalent (CST is a volunteer security service for Jews in the UK). Many people appear to not care or recognize these attacks, but I am deeply troubled. I have had the displeasure of personally seeing a Hamas rally and calls for the annihilation of Israel. This rally went violent. I went to a rally for Israel, and it was all about how Israel wants peace.

To claim a moral equivalence between the two is ludicrous and offensive and strips morality of all meaning.

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Anonymous said...

Great post!! This is a good summary - it is absolutely mind-boggling to me how much this fact (and the real war crime in all this) is being completely ignored.