Thursday, February 14, 2008


[ Updated: 14th Feb ]

Hi all!

Any feedback/thoughts with regards to the template so far?

Here is the current off-my-head-to-do-list:

  1. Themes
    • So far I have not created any themes, just a print-view and 2 font sizes. I could, however, completely alter the appearance of the site. Do you have any colour schemes or theme ideas?
    • I was told by someone that the website is hideous, and I need more colour!
  2. Usability Issues
    • Add "more posts" or "previous posts" to the bottom of main/archive.
    • Fix the problem where post elements (such as videos) jump to the bottom of the column when they are too wide for the post area (IE Only).
    • There are no defined accesskeys.
    • I need to include a list of all the tags used in posts in the right-hand-column.
    • Intense Debate has a few glitches every now and again which need to be fixed or taken into account. (Note: The Intense Debate staff absolutely rock! I have complete confidence that these things glitches will be fixed.)
    • List how many comments have been posted prior to viewing the itempage.
    • Date headers (for all but the first date).
  3. Javascript
    • Have some sort of warning to let people know when JS is disabled and that C4A would operate better with JS.

Thanks in advance for the feedback. Constructive criticism is always good - so please be brutally honest.



Irina Tsukerman said...

I love the aurora borealis color you use for the heading. Maybe you could do more with that somehow?

Steven said...

I had to take it down again for a moment because there is a huge IE bug that I need to fix.

Thanks Irina! :)

I don't know where else to use it... but I could use it anywhere and have many themes. :)