Friday, June 29, 2007

Terrorist car bomb attack thwarted in London

Apparently a car was seen driving erratically in the haymarket area of London last night. The driver jumped out of the car and ran off. Bouncers from a local bar/club saw that there was something wrong with the car and then alerted the police. The security services have defused the device (which seems to consist of propane gas cylinders and other items covered by a blanket), and no one has been harmed. There is no Irish connection, so it's looking like this might be an Islamist based terror attack (though as always it's best to wait and see what the security services have to say). By the sounds of what the rolling news channels were saying this was a thwarted car bomb attack which would have resulted in massive loss of life. This could be the start of a campaign, but again that is speculation rather than anything based on fact (unless the Security services know otherwise, which is probably likely).

I shall post more about this later on in the day as the details become clearer. I'm just thankful that nobody lost their lives due to this incident. We have been lucky this time.

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