Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oh what a choice i have at the next General Election

Peter Tatchell has been selected by the Green Party as it's canidiate to stand for the Oxford East seat at the next General Election. It should make it an interesting election campaign (they've been boring to be honest in the last few years - i swear the lib dems thought i was voting for them as i had a Radiohead t-shirt on when i went to vote at the last election, i voted Labour). He will have an uphill struggle if you go by the last election results for Oxford East. Andrew Smith (Labour) had 36.9% of the vote compared to the green party's share of 4.3% of the vote. Full election stats. Peter Tatchell will probably not win the seat. Andrew Smith may well just hang onto his seat at the next election (Liberal Democrats stand a good chance of winning the seat, unless there is a major recovery from the Conserative party). In any case i shall be following the election campaign for Oxford East whenever the next Election is called (2008 or 2009). As to who i'm voting for at the next election ? It all depends on how well the political parties are doing at the time. My vote will come down to Labour or the Liberal Democrats. I don't really connect with the Conserative party. Though i am interested in seeing David Camerons policy's, as they will be the first step in him winning or losing the next election. BBC news article about Tatchell.

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