Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holocaust survivor was a hero at VA Tech shootings

Amidst the tragedy of the VA Tech shootings is one inspirational story: a Holocaust survivor professor gave his life to save his students. he put his body in front of the shooter, blocking entrance into his classroom, and perished from bullets. JPost wrote a great article highlighting what happened. Please read it right here.
As Jews worldwide honored on Monday the memory of those who were murdered in the Holocaust, a 76-year-old survivor sacrificed his life to save his students in Monday's shooting at Virginia Tech College that left 33 dead and over two dozen wounded. Professor Liviu Librescu, 76, threw himself in front of the shooter when the man attempted to enter his classroom. The Israeli mechanics and engineering lecturer was shot to death, "but all the students lived - because of him," Virginia Tech student Asael Arad - also an Israeli - told Army Radio. Several of Librescu's other students sent e-mails to his wife, Marlena, telling of how he blocked the gunman's way and saved their lives, said Librescu's son, Joe. "My father blocked the doorway with his body and asked the students to flee," Joe Librescu said in a telephone interview from his home outside of Tel Aviv. "Students started opening windows and jumping out."
Thanks to Kevin for pointing out this story. I am awed by the bravery and valor of this incredible man.


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Michael said...

This really is an incredible story. I guess now we know why this man survived the Holocaust...

Austin said...

Wow. Thanks for the amazing story. Its truly an inspiration. I'm glad there are people like you out there to point out the good and not just the evil.