Monday, April 9, 2007

Iran announced it is going nuclear

Well, kind readers, the day of reckoning is coming closer...Iran has announced it is enriching uranium, and said it will not suspend this process. Evidently, some uranium has already been enriched. Feel free to read more about this right here. My prediction: the world will not do a single thing to stop Iran, and Iran WILL go fully nuclear. After the pathetic response to the British hostages...I don't see how the West will do anything other than bend down, kiss the ankles, and take it. Iran said they will kidnap more soldiers in the future, and the response of the West is "Yes yes, we will capitulate without firing a shot!" We have lost the will to fight, most recently evidenced by the House Democratic leader meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt! To sum up... Iran kidnapped soldiers, who then immediately afterwards appeared on TV and apologized for being in the way of Iranian guns. They get back to the UK and say that "fighting was not an option." (huh?) Iran says they will kidnap more soldiers, they are fighting our soldiers in Iraq as we speak, they announce they will enrich uranium, and our response is to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and have a Khomenei imam lead the Texas state legislature in prayer. Sanctions against Iran? We can forget that, because how can we lecture Russia and China when in fact the EU is a major trading partner with Iran? Have we lost the will to fight? Are we so blinded by the almighty dollar that we are willing to put up with basically anything, even the loss of life and liberty, just for a fast buck?


Louis said...

Never forget that Iran is not worst than many countries who do have the nuclear weapon. Israel is a criminal state, Pakistan is a dictatorial state, even in USA we are not sure who won in 2000.

Red Tulips said...

Louis, please extract your head from your rear end.

Anyone who equates Israel and the US with Iran needs to look around and see the reality that we live in.

Michael said...

Red Tulips:
I looks like every smart blogger is thinking the same way; I've seen this post (with different words, but the same idea) on at least three other blogs this morning. I've even posted it myself.

Iran will only get more aggressive. It's already started.

The Raccoon said...

RT -

In one word, the answer to your questions is "yes".

Nazim Ali said...

The article is biassed. Iran dint kidnap soldiers, they were captured venturing into Iranian waters (marines later admitted that they were being provided with improper maps). Any country bothered about their national security would do so. Ofcourse the motive of the marines may not be mischievous but definitely it calls for arrest. That is why they have been released afterall.