Friday, April 6, 2007

Caroline Glick on The Iranian Hostage Crisis and More

Hi all,

I just wanted to link you to a MUST READ article written by Caroline Glick. It details exactly how the US/UK/Germany/Israel must act if it hopes to win the war against the Islamofanatics.

Here's the start of the brilliance:

The footage of the British hostages thanking Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his hospitality and forgiveness, like the footage of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi covering her head in a scarf while on a visit to Damascus, was enough to make you sick.

Must we lose this war?

Read the whole thing!

My analysis is exactly the same as Glick's though I didn't have the wisdom to phrase things as perfectly as she did. It is disgusting to see the world gloating over the "benevolence" of Iran, compared to the "evil" of Abu Ghraib and the US. That is the end result of what happened. And meanwhile, what of the British hostages? They said after they got back to safe harbor that they were blindfolded and isolated, and forced to make the remarks they made on TV.

But none of this matters, and the world doesn't care.

Iran had its PR coup, and they exposed the West as weak, useless, feckless, and inept.

Please read Caroline Glick, and her analysis on what must be done. I would love your feedback!


Egypeter said...

Hi Tulip!

This is totally off topic but I saw a debate you were having with some 18 year old Egyptian CHILD (Realm of the Sphinx) about the whole Iran/Israel thing.

Of course, your argument made him look like a fool. I couldn't really understand his points and to have the nerve to defend that piece of filth Ahmedinijad is just incomprehensible to me.

Please allow me to quote that kid:

"I don't know what kind of experiences Egypeter has encountered, but I'll tell you again for the umpteenth time that EVERY Copt (and other Christian for that matter) that I have known my whole life in Egypt has lived in peace, and has never encountered any of their friends of family living otherwise. Churches are scattered all around Cairo, visible as the sun, with regular masses, weddings and events going on, WITHOUT ANY INCIDENT. So to sum it up, Copts that aren't living in peace are NOT the norm, but the EXCEPTION."

The kid is a damn liar!!!! I can tell you are an articulate and bright individual so don't fall for his bullshit. You see, MANY (if not most) Egyptian muslims will tell you the same thing. Yet, when you ask a Copt he will tell you the exact opposite. He's not the only person to do this. It's not hard when one follows Egypt to see this as a recurring theme. It's all about pulling the wool over the eyes of non-Egyptians and to give them this (fasle) kind and gentle image of Egypt, it's all part of the facade. Just go to Egypt and visit and pay attention if you don't believe me.

It's so funny to me almost like a big, fat, BAD, joke. Hell, don't ask me go ask ANY Copt how the situation is in Egypt. I live in Chicago with a HUGE Coptic diaspora around me. I'd say I know close to 500 families in the Chicagoland area. And I swear to you on my life, not ONE SINGLE COPT I know would agree with that little shit!! You see, MANY Egyptian muslims see the mere fact that Christians STILL EXIST in Egypt as a sign of the gentle and kind benevolence of the muslims that we're still around. Can you believe that?? And I've heard it on many different occasions from different people! That's the mentality we're dealing with here. A stone-age mentality!

I could give you countless articles and websites disproving that imbecile. I wonder if the Copts over at the FreeCopts site would agree with him?

*argghhhh* makes me wanna knock his head off!

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest cuz I just read your exchange with him and it made me wanna puke. Just the fact that pea-brain was defending Ahmindijad says it all, right?

How much more peaceful would this world be if we dropped a big fat nuke on that filthy country?!

Anyway, sorry to rant on your blog. I think you're a good person and there is very little that we probably disagree on.

Peace and Happy Easter :)

Red Tulips said...

Hi Egypeter:

I actually responded to much of what Sphinx said, except he censored it for his blog. (too hot to handle?)

Thanks for posting here! I agree with 100% of what you said, and he did not fool me for even one second!

Ultimately, Sphinx is a perfect example of a livning hypocrite. He keeps saying Islam is so peaceful, yet he openly admitted that the mosque he attends is run by the Muslim Brotherhood. He says he is peaceful, and he openly supports Hamas and Hezbollah. I thought he was saveable, but alas, he is a lost cause.

I am amazed you actually read that exchange, but glad you did, as it is a perfect example of the mentality that we face in this world, sadly.

I also have discovered a shocking fact...many of Sandmonkey's friends are people who are active members of the Muslim Brotherhood. I wonder how he is able to maintain friendships with people like Alaa (of, who I have documented already is a very vocal supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

What's the point of defending someone's "freedom of speech," when those people thank you by wishing you dead? This is why I honestly was rooting for the amendments to pass in Egypt - anything that bans the Muslim Brotherhood is a good thing. If the choice is a mullahtocracy or a thugocracy, I choose a thugocracy any day.

Sad world we live in, no?

Egypeter said...

Hi sweet Tulips!

Per usual, you are right! I am with you 100% on the whole ammendments issue as well. I will support anything, I repeat, ANYTHING, that will diminish the Muslim Brotherhood!! I'm not crazy about most of the ammendments (especially, stripping the independent judiciary of their powers) but ALL of that is secondary to crushing the Ikhwan. And Muburak is JUST starting to realize it, which is odd because many have seen this threat coming a loooong time ago. And as much as I HATE Muburak, when you consider the alternative of a Shariah state...uh, then yeah, I wholeheartedly support Muburak (and his son)

You said:

"Ultimately, Sphinx is a perfect example of a livning hypocrite. He keeps saying Islam is so peaceful, yet he openly admitted that the mosque he attends is run by the Muslim Brotherhood. He says he is peaceful, and he openly supports Hamas and Hezbollah. I thought he was saveable, but alas, he is a lost cause."

LOL! WHAT a hypocrite he is!! It's sad when Egyptians like him think of the MB as a "moderate" organization. Lol. That just says it all, doesn't it?! It's not so much his fault, I'm sure he's been fed this shit his entire life.

Ya know, I've seen his blog before. And he used to live in Egypt but is currently studying in Germany. One would think that leaving Egypt and going to a civilized country would have moderated him...but alas, it doesn't look like it.

And you're right about Alaa, unfortunately. It seemed not too long ago (before going to jail) that he was an opponent of the Ikhwan. But then, like many others (even here in the states) he got carted off to jail and spent time in cells with other Muslim Brotherhood dirtbags and then "found" Islam. Oh boy. Great! And now he SUPPORTS them??? WTF happened? Talk about indoctrination. He should "lose" Islam as quickly as he "found" it.

God, I can't put in words the hatred I have for anything and everything Muslim Brotherhood! The scary thought is I don't really know how much support these fanatics have in Egypt. I mean, are we talking 30%? 50%? 66%? Whatever the number is I'm sure it's WAY WAY too high. Just look at this kid. He's only 18 years old and comes off as a fairly moderate individual when you look at his blog. But then you dig a little deeper and he reveals his true colors...and he's ONLY 18!!! Shouldn't he be out thinking about girls and friends??!

Oh, and by the way, it's fairly typical AND laughable on how he censored your comments in response to his bigotry. What a dickhead. I often wonder what the future holds for Christians and moderate muslims in Egypt and if this kid is any indication, then we are S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!!

Shalom Tulip :)

Egypeter said...

Oh, and I left him a nice little message on his blog in the thread with your debate. Let's see if that coward posts it. Doubt it.

Red Tulips said...


In the end, it's a waste of time to even discuss Sphinx, who is but one person of limited influence. Interesting that you read the comments, though!

It's a shame you don't have a blog, as your experience as a Coptic Christian is frankly of vital importance for the world to know about!

Egypeter said...

Thanks Tulips, I appreciate that. I guess I'm just content right now to comment on other people's blog. It sounds kinda lame but I'm not sure I have the time that I would like to put into it. Plus, I've recently discovered Facebook :)

And how right you are, of course that Sphinx kid is but an insignificant twerp - he just pissed me off.

And yes, that was quite random. As I was reading your dialogue with him, and steaming b/w the ears, my name popped up. And then he went on to say something about how the Christians of Egypt are treated SO wonderfully blah blah blah and then I had to let him have it. Oh well.

And I really respect you too, tulips. I've seen many of your comments on blogs and you're always asking Arabs to just try and get to know Israeli's/Jews and that they will find that they are good decent people. Well, I couldn't agree with you more as I've met plenty of friendly and beautiful Israeli's/Jews (although of course, you know I'm NOT arab).

Anyway, off to bed. Good night. I'm gonna dream of giving that Sphinx kid a swift kick in the ass, lol.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

There is no way, on god's green earth, that 15 US servicemen would have behaved with such craven cowardice. In the end, their spineless officers made excuses for them, and they went away clutching gift bags like teenage girls clutching "American Idol" consolation gifts. If those cowardly, disgraceful limeys don't kill themselves out of shame, they have none.

I think the biggest balls in Britain are 6 feet under, between the deceased Maggie Thatcher's legs. Only 7% of their population thought they should have geared up for war when the hostages were bing held.

And their Admiral said those sissies behaved with "dignity and courage". The woman rolled in 24 hours, several men not long after. Maybe the limeys need to read Admiral Denton's book.

The French need to move over, the British are joining them in the cowards club.

Red Tulips said...


Your comment never showed up on Sphinx's site. Shocka, huh?

I would love for you to read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's autobiography. I am very curious as to what you think. In fact, I think I will post it as reading for a C4A book club!

P.S.: Please email me! (you can see how on the main page) I would love to hear more from you!


I would like to think the Americans would have acted differently, but I honestly doubt it.

Caleb said...

It is amazing to see the arrogance and hypocrisy of the people from the once great and noble USA.

Firstly in terms of the British sailors, they could not fire on the Iranians as they were in international waters, and the rules of engagement prohibited firing unless they were fired upon. Swiftly after the Iranians had the British surrounded, and to try to fight their way out would have ended up with 15 dead servicemen, and an international incident, which I don't think would have solved anything.
You talk about the British having balls - however the USA does not seem to have balls either - it did not support the UK in any way in the UN or elsewhere. This is especially distressing as the USA caused the problem in the first place by kidnapping a number of Iranian diplomats.

As for the USA, I seem to remember numerous occaisions during the war in the 90s when captured USA airmen said pretty similar things. There is absolutely no point in captured people not cooperating with their captors, especially when they think their lives might be in danger.

Finally I think that the comment about dropping a 'nuke' on them just about sums up the attitude of the USA, and the reason why we are in this mess in the first place.

Red Tulips said...


I don't see where I said that Iran should have been nuked in response to the hostage crisis.

That said, these words of your's are particularly disgusting...

This is especially distressing as the USA caused the problem in the first place by kidnapping a number of Iranian diplomats.

This is saying it's somehow all America's fault. When in doubt, blame America. That's your motto, and I see it clearly.

Never mind these 'diplomats' were in Iraq, and actually consisted of people such as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds director, who was directing the Revoutionary Guard to attack soldiers in Iraq!

Never mind that there is no indication, regardless, that Iran did what it did to Britain as a response to American action.

No, none of this matters. Blame America first. When in doubt, it's our fault!

As far as the British soldiers - they were not in "international waters," rather, they were in Iraqi waters, and it was within their legal rights to fire back if the rules of engagement were not so f*cked up. I already tackled that and said the rules of engagement are nonsense. But moreover, there is no justification for their shameful display on camera (which occurred quite soon after they were captured). And nowhere in any of what I wrote did I say Americans would have behaved differently. I see no real evidence of this.

Let me quote myself...

I would like to think the Americans would have acted differently, but I honestly doubt it.