Saturday, March 3, 2007

Oh dear, we Brits are really screwed now...

So for crimes against humanity we owe the world £31 trillion in Reparations. The International Coalition for British Reparations. I have no idea if this serious or just a joke. One of the facts:

Are you racists?

No. We don't believe this is due to any inherent defect in the character of the British people. Stretching more than a millennium to the crowning of Alfred the Great in 871, the British Monarchy is simply one of the oldest continuous governmental bodies on earth. For centuries, its power over its citizens was nearly absolute. By the dawn of the 20th century, it controlled nearly one third of the globe. But while other totalitarian reigns have been put on trial and forced to make amends, the British crown has maintained its grip on power, and so avoided being called to account for its numerous crimes against humanity.

First off the crown did not control the Empire. In fact the Royal Family's grip on power started to wane after the English Civil war. By the 1800's the early form of parliamentary democracy was taking shape. The Queen has no real power. Instead those powers have been transferred to the Prime Minister of the day. Who is an elected official. Though i guess we can probably reclaim most of North America and sell it off to pay the $31 trillion. Foxnews is going to be all over this. America is virtually bankrupt, banks call the debts in, wave bye bye to the world economy. Still the site is quite amusing. We will pay it back in tea and crumpets. Further research on the net reveals that this site is just a method for Steven Grasse to promote his new book "Evil Empire: 101 Ways That Britain Ruined the World". Republican supporter and a self employed advertising executive is Mr Grasse. More details about him can be found here.


shlemazl said...


I love this: Anyone who considers the full scope of Britain's offenses will quickly realize that while the 31 trillion figure may seem like a lot, when weighed against the historical record, it's a terrific bargain.

Oh, by the way; I am owed a few billion as well. Apparently Gulag was all thanks to the Brits.

One thing bothers me a bit: as a British citizen do I also have to chip in? If I do I'll claim it of the Italians. It was the Romans that kicked us out of Jerusalem so in the end they are responsible for everything. Yeah and you should blame it on the French since that's where Willy the Conquerer came from.

Anonymous said...

do we still have to ask British for that insane... till where i know, those british are dead and gone, who were really active in that....

even my family suffered in india... during British rule... but i forgived them.... its not about money, we dont own a right to blame them.... but infact we need to look further to stop the Nazis and racist left behind after WW2

How come people still blame new generation..... its make no sense

tree said...

Sure it makes sense. Point is we built our society at the cost of many other societies who were less civilized in our opinion. With "we" I mean the western world. Myself I'm a Begian... The Belgian royalty claimed Congo as their property and became rich on African rubber and (probably also) diamonds.
We still do so. America f.ex. notices they get short on oil, so they invade Iraq and plunder the oil supply. We built up our societies nicely and most people have a relativily good life here. Some countries have asked us for assistance in building their country in the same way we did. We ruthlessly denied their requests, since we would't be able to get as much profit from them anymore. Ho Chi Mingh f.ex., the 1st president of Vietnam, was a big fan of the U.S. and even used the Independance declaration of the US to declare Vietnam independend. He only changed the word "Brittain" into "France". Instead of showing support, the US ignored the man, so he had no choice but to seek help in Russia. Karl MArx helped him to get peace with China, so all of a sudden Marx was the hero and our system didn't look all that good anymore. Shortly after, the US invaded Vietnam... I'm sure y'all know the rest.

Looking at the situation today, we see that the industrialized nations, Russia included, are responsible for most polutions and for global warming.

My point is that we owe the world BIG time. It doesn't seem right imo to translate what we owe in a certain amount of money, tho. We should organize things in such way that the entire world gets better from it, without enforcing our own culture, opinion, religion and our way of living to the rest of the world.

-my quick 2ct.-

PM said...

tree there are failures made by west...

But something to worry about is why in all conflict u have same players?