Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Responding to someone who thinks Islam is evil at its core.

To Tex (the person who said Islam is inherently evil)...

Sorry, but I know from experience that at best your approach is counterproductive. Those like Sudanese Thinker who believe in humanity will be on the defensive when they are told their religion is evil to the core.

As a practicing Jew, I can say that Judaism does NOT say Islam is evil to the core.

I have severe problems with Islam, most notably its notion that Muhammad was a "perfect man." This is extremely problematic, given he was a war general and married a nine year old. Also, Judaism explicitly denies the existence of "perfection" in humanity itself is not a Jewish idea. Moses himself was not perfect.

With that said - identifying what I see as critical problems in Islam - that does not mean Islam is warring at its core. There are verses from the Old Testemant that I could quote from which would lead some to think Judaism and Christianity are warring or evil at its core. But those verses are understood in the light of several millenia of interpretation, and are not seen as excuses for barbarism. In short, that is also possible for Islam. Except imams have decided to go with the opposite: taking the most warring/barbaric interpretation of the Koran/Hadith and spouting THAT as essential Islam.

This is what we must fight against. Making broad pronouncements of the "evil" of Islam accomplishes nothing.

And to contrast this, the approach of LGF Watch is also dangerous and bigoted. LGF Watch has decided that stating that Islamic suicide bombers are subhuman is itself an example of "Islamophobia," thus implying Islam = suicide bombing. It is wrong and it is offensive. They also go about libeling those who are fighting for humanity, such as Charles Johnson, thinking this "helps" Muslims.

It does not.

People like Sphinx are also a critical part of the problem. They love to blame the West, blame America, but hate to engage in the sort of introspection and self criticism that in fact fuels the statements that Tex make. Instead of wondering "Hey, gee, why do people like Tex hate Islam? Maybe it is because there are millions and millions of Muslims out there who give Islam a bad name?!"...instead of that...they say there is no problem in Islam, and anyone who says so are "Islamophobic."

And LGF Watch, which pretends to care about "humanity" only furthers attitudes of people like Tex, by giving "Sphinx" and the opinions of "Sphinx" a platform!

Meanwhile, when there is a rocket attack in Sderot, it's irrelevant to LGF Watch. When people die of suicide bombing - including Muslims who die - it is the West who is to blame.

This is a suicidal and anti-humanity position to take. Shame on LGF Watch.


Mad Zionist said...

RT: As a practicing Jew...

You've come a long way, baby! I am so, so, so proud of you!!

Red Tulips said...


Thanks! I know I have changed incredibly within the past year, when at this same time, I was proclaiming myself an atheist.