Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The 2008 US Election

I know this blog has really not discussed the US presidential election, so here goes nothing...

I predict that Hillary will win the election, which is something I predicted in the year 2000. (that she would win in 2008)

This means 24 years straight (at minimum) of presidents related to each other.

Ultimately, I think it will be Hillary v. either Romney or McCain. Anyway, I think Hillary will win, and then the country will be having that morning after hangover, wondering "what did we do??"

As far as the nominees go...there are many bad choices, but there are "bad" and "worse" choices.

The three worst choices - by far - are Kucinich, Ron Paul, and Mike Gravel.

Kucinich might literally be a traitor to the American nation, and under different times would be charged for treason under the Logan Act. He went to Syria and met with Assad privately, then went onto Syrian state TV, called Assad, a murderous tyrant who presides over a regime that tortured and killed a friend of mine's cousin - a 'man of peace,' and then proceeded to denounce Bush to America's (not just Bush's) enemies. On Syrian state TV. Disgusting. (see the video evidence of this here, if you have the stomach for it) The only saving grace of this man is he has a hot wife.

Mike Gravel worked with an ex-friend of mine (qrswave) who literally supports terrorism. She was a contributor to his campaign, until the fact that she was made him look bad. (see evidence here) Pathetic.

Ron Paul's solutions to the world's problems is to dig America's head in the sand and act as an isolationist. Oh yeah, and he is linked with Neonazis and 9/11 "Troothers." (LGF catalogues that all quite well)

So that's what I think. I predict Hillary will win, and while I do not support her, I guess she is not as bad as those three nutcases.

Regardless, this election is like a side show. I was just recently in Europe, and tried to explain the electoral college to PM and Steven, and they were shocked and flabbergasted.


Irina Tsukerman said...

Although I'm really rooting for Giuliani,I think McCain will win the nomination... (he's my second choice_)_and I think he has a pretty good chance of winning the election if he does a good enough job of campaigning and bringing up Hillary's involvement in scandal during the Clinton years, plus off-setting her crying spells

shlemazl said...

Yep; I am like Irina, rooting for Rudi and being OK with McCain. I do think that a democrat will get it (Hilary or Obama).

dwave said...

It's good to see you blogging again,
You didn't mention Obama. Any reason for this? I mean until recently he did well in the presidential race until Hillary's emotional moment.

On a side note: This whole Ron Paul circus shows that a nut case like him at least will not become president, after all. I think after all this campaigning he will even lose lose his congressional seat. A pity he is American and not European - they love nutjobs like him.

blacktygrrrr said...

A friend of mine told me about this site. I am also a Giulinai backer, with McCain my second choice.

I am a political blogger myself, and get some pretty decent traffic if you guys at this site want to do a link exchange. My blog is the "Tygrrrr Express."

Happy blogging.

eric aka