Monday, January 14, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, I have encountered truly disturbing Muslimophobia. It rankles the core of my being and shakes my insides. This Muslimophobia is at the hands of LGF Watch!

What did they do? There is a post on there that claims that Charles Johnson, the man behind Little Green Footballs, stated that Arabs/Muslims are "subhuman" through the the "subtext" of posts which explicitly say that Islamic terrorists are subhuman. This is my response to the shocking hatred of LGF Watch.

You claim there is "subtext" that Charles is saying all Muslims are subhuman, and yet the only context in which Charles uses the word "subhuman" refers to terrorists. Such a statement produces no subtext whatsoever, so you are LIBELLING Charles Johnson.

The alternative is that, in your minds, all Muslims are terrorists.

That means you are disgusting racists and Muslimophobes.

And I am deeply offended that you dare speak of such hate.

Indeed, I think that Culture for All should run a campaign decrying the rabid Muslimophobia of LGF Watch. We cannot let this hate continue!


"MJ" replied to me with a nonsensical ramble, and I replied as such...

Claiming there is a "subtext of hate" or a "context of hate" is the most dishonest thing one can do. I can conjure up a "context" of anything!

Yet the 'proof' used for this alleged 'context' is that Charles called TERRORISTS subhuman!! Talk about nonsensical!

The implication is obvious. Calling terrorists subhuman - in your book - provides a 'context' for saying all Muslims are subhuman. This really might be the most ludicrous non-reasoning LGF Watch has ever been graced with posting. (that says something)

The only way one can come to such a conclusion is if you are libelling Charles Johnson from the start (and hence were using those the posts where Charles calls terrorists subhuman as only a pretext for libel), OR, if you honestly believe that all Muslims are terrorists, and hence claiming terrorists are subhuman says all Muslims are subhuman.

So in either case you are defamers or racists.

Retract this post and apologize, or defamers and racists you shall forever be known as.


Dealer said...

There is a post on there that claims that Charles Johnson, the man behind Little Green Footballs, stated that Arabs/Muslims are "subhuman" through the the "subtext" of posts which explicitly say that Islamic terrorists are subhuman.

Umm LGFW clearly stated that Johnson said that Johnson didn't state that all Arabs/Muslims were 'subhuman'. The 'subtext' mentioned was the context (ie not only the one's directed at terrorists) that some of Johnson's posts and the comment section responses could be taken.

Is English your first language?

Dealer said...


Should have read...

Umm LGFW clearly stated that Johnson didn't state that all Arabs/Muslims were 'subhuman'.


Red Tulips said...


LGF Watch claims there is a "subtext" through which Charles Johnson claims Muslims are subhuman. The "subtext" cited are instances when Charles Johnson calls TERRORISTS subhuman.

Therefore, either the site is actively libelling Charles Johnson, OR, it is of the mindset that all Muslims are terrorists. (i.e., a Muslimophobic position)

I am deeply offended by both positions and demand an immediate retraction and apology.

Unless and until I see both, then be aware that LGF Watch is nothing more than a libelous and 'racist' blog.

PM said...

MJ, are you calling Muslims are terrorist ? Its not good MJ...

Anyways MJ, Answer to your other Question..... what make us Human ? Our origin or the way we choose....

So if i remove "the way we choose things", the entire Homo-sapiens race is Human, and why not add monkeys and apes in it too....

if i consider the Humanity, and "the way we choose" factor,,, then it says "terrorist are subhumans", as they miss Humanity, and i will rather call them Homo-sapiens....

and this is definition is valid for everything... from ISlamic terrorist to all other supremacist (including white, black, Arab etc etc etc...)..

If someone or even charles had said terrorist as subhuman... then too, he haven't stereotyped all Muslim peoples, but this is what you are trying.... further u can judge on which side you are from above quoted definition.

Before closing MJ, we run from our emotions, anger, greed, fear, aggression... and we really get involved in bad things when we do not think, and start stereotyping things to mould in our frame.... sorry, but every one is Homo-sapien here... yet we all are trying our best to be Human, yet we all fall a bit short to be a Human, if checked on the scale of humanity.

I hope you will consider what i said......


Mad Zionist said...

RT, you are a very clever chick. The tactic of throwing the causes that radical leftists champion back in their faces to expose the hypocrisy happens to be my favorite tactic, as well. Their frothing yet embarrassingly futile responses only served to re-enforce the message you were sending...remarkable that they completely lack the capacity for introspection, eh? Keep up the good work my dear! Yasher Koach!

shlemazl said...

How about

ChenZhen said...

schlmazl- Yes, it's been done.