Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The case of cyberstalking against a victim of the 7th of July tube bombings

There is a case of an Oxford Woman called Felicity Jane Lowde, who has been stalking a victim of the London tube bombings from July 7th. Exactly why she is stalking Rachel North (who has a blog that details her life since the tube bombings and her campaign for a public inquiry) is anyone's guess. Miss Lowde is now on the run, as she has been convicted of harrasing Rachel North (who is not Lowdes first victim by any means). Some of examples of the things that Lowde has said towards Miss North are as follows: "You are a warmongering bitch. No one believes you. People hate you for what you've done. Stop trying to promote yourself and GO AWAY RACHEL." "In your wedding picture you look happy to have got away with it. But time is ticking and you'll wind up in jail with the stupid grin wiped off your evil face." Miss North has a detailed account of the stalking on her blog. I must commend Miss North's courage in the face of the harrasment she has recieved from Miss Lowde. Hopefully Miss Lowde will be arrested and then face justice. I do believe that a public inquiry should be held into July 7th, but i don't think there is any political stomach for one, at least from Labour. It seems Miss Lowde is a typical internet stalker, posting comments to back herself up and to try and paint herself as the victim. Rachel North's own words about the case. Oxford Mail story.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Are Smurfs Communist?

Life can be very serious, but I thought of something from back in my pre-Army days, back when George W Bush was popular and Governor of Texas. It was a topic for a paper in my Economics and Media class, which I got an A in. Now, I don't know if the smurfs were Communists, but I think the very idea is extremely funny, like Scooby Doo and drugs: Whether you think it is true or utter bullshit, I never cease to get a kick out of it, or the more disturbing tale of Smurfette and all the other male smurfs :) la la la la la, Sing a Commie song la la la la la, Sing it all day long

Sands of Passion ... Sexing with wife of Mustafa..

Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mecca Bombing was an inside Job...

Hold on ! ... we are speaking about Mecca Hate Mosque in Hyderabad, India, and inside job here refers to Inside job of Muslim community. We are trying to build a picture of what really happen on 08:45 GMT ; May-18-2007 at Mecca Mosque,Hyderadad. Andra Pradesh CM quoted "
explosion occurred where the faithful perform ablutions before going for prayers.",
he further added
"The blast in Hyderabad’s Mecca Mosque was an act of "intentional sabotage" by “anti-social elements”."
Believers (of Allah) at work
After the blast, As Per always the Peaceful Muslim society started to threw stones at shops & Police force that arrived on the area of blast. To control the uncivilized civilized peoples living under 6th century nomads rules, Police had to use baton charges and tear gas and later even firing. so where almost all agencies again failed to use "M" words, the links pop up from coverage made till now are forcing me to compile, link and execute the story on Blogsphere... with "M" word against Main Stream Media standards. the earliest reports were referring to "anti-social elements" present in India are trying to provoke Hindu-Muslim riots. Associated Press had tried to convince its readers with hindu-Muslim blame game, and in involvement of Hindu radicals, and the story laid was Gujarat riots. other news agencies earlier linked it with 1993 Bombay Blast verdict, linking it to Mafia. Now the investigations are heading in other direction, especially after hints from security agencies about use of TNT, RDX and similarities between "Malegaon Mosque Blast" last year. Yet the media shies and are changing the tone as always. So what was happening in Malegaon and all recent Blast on Indian Muslim community. Was that Hindu radicals, or something else. what is strange with Hyderabad, and what media is not willing to tell. IBN-live provides a hint, that Hyderabad Government was forewarned of Islamic terror attack, but Mecca Mosque ? Mecca Mosque was/is a hub of terrorist elements. Hamas leaders (Yes, Hamas from Plaestine) come and participates in Mecca Mosque almost every second month. The love for Radical Islamic can even be found by financial funding Hyderabad had offered to Amin Al Husseini from 1923 onwards. So if we dig inside Malegaon Bombing, we get a Islamic student movement named SIMI (which fall under Deobandi sects of Islam) had co-ordinated in those Malegaon Blast with International terror outfits. Deobandi sects, which even includes Taliban, is not only a threat for World, but even for Indians. almost all recent attack on Indian Muslims were also tracked back on Deobandis. One of the best examples is "samjhauta express bombings". The recent trend shows that they want to bring fear in Muslims, that there is a danger... a Conspiracy against Islam and all Muslims need to fight against Non-Muslims. Yep, you are right... its Jihad the holy war politics. Friday bombings occurred one day before the "three-day Tableegi Jamaat" meeting beginning on Saturday. Tablighi Jammat (again falls under Deobandis) were involved in provoking Gujarat riots, and tracks of Tablighi Jammat can easily be found in Uganda and Somalia massacre. In ICNA (Islamic circle of North America), which is linked with Islamberg, is also a creation of Tablighi Jammat. And failed London shoe Bomber "Richard Reid" was also radicalized by Tablighi Mosques. Muslims in Turkey, in Pakistan had started waking up. Iranian dictator's are unable to hide there fears of democracy. But it seems that it will still take a century or so for Indian Muslims to learn, that instead of throwing stones on police, they need to now look deep inside there own society to sideline radicals. They need to speak against the radical Imams in there mosques. we do understand, that Muslims are victims of terrorism, like we Non-Muslims. But this religious dogma of Islamic superiority, the Imperial greed of remounting Global Caliphet & Westphobia is so high in Muslim world, that they don't want to realize that what tremendous mistake they are doing. we want to Hear "Moderate Muslims" voices, we want to get assurance that the breed of Moderate Muslim had not extinct yet. Hamas - Fatah love affair, or Iran-Arab supremacy fight is no hidden chapter from Global world. The unknown chapter is about Muslims from Indian subcontinent, who don't want to set themselves free from Mullah and Imam theocracy. They were the earlies to start khilafat movement, and they are still the same, by selling their daughters of the Arab Sheiks marking India as top Human trafficking hub.
Idiots Believers from Kashmir working at Peace Process by burning effigy of Andra Pradesh CM for stopping Muslims from rioting, looting and raping
**UPDATE** blast in pictures Oh brother, who had gifted a backbone to Indian Media ? (Main stream media still sucks) Anyways, Home Minister of leftist government in India, Mr. Shivraj Patil, who openly had blamed Hindus organizations during 7-11 Mumbai Blasts, ignoring the earlier reports of radical Islamic organizations in Mumbai blast, had warned everyone this time to not link "Malegaon blast" to "Mecca Bombings". that means, the state controlled Indian news agencies will abide the order and no one will speak of Jihad links any more... Anyways What about Non-Residential Indians in Blogspheres ? just stay tuned.... **update 2** Global active propaganda news channels like BBC, CNN are still running the old crap story...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A bottle of white infidel....

I am wordless..... If you find some words... comment column is for you... Part 1 Part 2

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Blair era is almost over...

So today Tony Blair annouced his intention to stand down as the leader of the Labour Party and as Prime Minister. He will visit the Queen on the 27th of June to offer his resignation as Prime Minister at which point Gordon Brown will almost certainly take over. Blair's speech was nothing new. Though he has not been forced out of office. He made that decision for himself when he said he would not be fighting another election. That was probably his biggest blunder in Office aside from Iraq. The moment he said he had no intention of fighting for another term in Office, his authority began to drain away from him. The irony is that he could have fought for a forth term in Office, had he not got along with Bush and invaded Iraq. That will be part of his legacy, but perhaps not the main part of it. He has changed British politics in terms of giving personality to politics. It was part of Blair's charm that won Labour 3 elections on the trot. Now is not really the time to pick apart Blair's legacy. I'm looking forward to the post Blair era, which should be interesting in how it unfolds. I don't believe that the Tories will have any drastically different policy's than Labour. It has been said of Blair that he has carried on what Thatcher started, with David Cameron waiting in the wings to follow on from Blair. I think it's far too early to say how the next election will go. People are fed up with Labour, but more importantly fed up with Tony Blair himself. My stance is that i will vote on the issues come the general election. If i vote Labour or the Liberal Democrats i don't know, i shall probably decide when i have the ballot paper in front of me. I'm willing to give Brown a chance, the signs are he is going to clear out the cabinet and have younger Labour MP's to combat the Tories. David Milliband is one Labour MP to keep an eye on. But to sum up the Blair era ? It started off with so much promise and hope, and ended in apathy and discontent. BBC news article Nick Robinson on Tony Blair The ups and downs of the Blair era. CNN article Fox News article

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My answer on the question of whether Islam is a religion of peace

I know I have been bad about updating this site, but I thought you all would appreciate this reply I left on John Rohan's site on the question of whether Islam is a religion of peace. (as a side note, please check out that site, as he is the very articulate writer of the earlier email concerning the war in Iraq) My next post (when I write it) will be about my experience at the Israeli Day Parade in NYC. My new direction for this blog is to try and write it as a citizen journalist as much as possible. There are many events constantly going on in NYC, and I attend many of them; I feel that discussing these experiences is more important than my regurgitation of news items. (that said, I am really quite pleased Sarkozy won in France. I celebrated with a French friend of mine, woohoo!) ------------------- Islam spread by conquest and is not a religion of peace, but there are Muslims who honestly do believe Islam is a religion of peace, as they are fed a false portrait of their religion. And CAIR is a terror front group, the lobbying group of the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course it will say Islam is a religion of peace, but they remind me of my friend Sphinx. "Islam is a religion of peace! Sure, I go to a Muslim Brotherhood mosque, but you are too quick to judge that it is terror-suporting. Islamaphobe!" "I support Hizballah and Hamas and believe them justified in their butchering of Israelis, and Islam is a religion of peace!" You get the idea. Not very peaceful, as far as I can tell. Now that said, madrassas to not spit out Islamic scholars. Rather, they stress memorization, rather than any sort of deep thinking. It's a sad state of affairs that there really are very few true Islamic scholars (in the way I would characterize a scholar) that are in the world today. The real scholars also often have to fear for their lives, as critical thinking is considered haram as far as jihadists are concerned. In short, Islam is a religion that is in the Middle Ages. It has an unequivocably violent past, and has yet to move past this past, as Judaism and Christianity has. Pretending otherwise only encourages more violence, as it leads to ignoring the violent truth of reality. That said, the reality also is that while humanity may be prone to war on a macro level, human beings on a micro level can get along, and the vast majority of Muslims absolutely do simply want to live their lives in peace. (even as the vast majority are also indoctrinated to hate, especially Jews, from age 0 onwards) It's a shame that they have to justify their lives according to a Medevil mindset, and my hope for moderate Muslims (real ones, not phony CAIR ones) is that they will take back their religion from the butchers, and prove Islam is a religion of peace. So to sum up... Is Islam a religion of peace? According to the Koran, no. Historically, no. At present, no. And terror front group proclamations otherwise do not change reality. However, the future is something different. No one would have called Christianity a 'peaceful' religion during the Spanish Inquisition. And yet look at the world today. People change, and religions evolve and change. My concern is that Iran will get the nuke prior to any massive reformation in Islam.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Isn't its the biggest irony

Mordecai Gebirtig (1877 - 1942), made his living as a carpenter but was celebrated throughout the Yiddish-speaking world as a folk poet and songwriter—the "troubadour of the Jewish people. During World War II, he continued to write and perform, using the medium of song to chronicle his experiences under the German occupation. In June 1942, Gebirtig, age 65, was shot and killed by German soldiers when he refused to comply with a deportation order. one of his best composition is "Undzer shtetl brent"(while our town Burns). I was thinking of French riots, London Bombing, Mumbai Train blast, Delhi Diwali bombing, September-11 and various unlimited terror attacks. Gebirtig wrote Our Town is Burning in response to a 1936 pogrom in the Polish town of Przytyk. In retrospect, the song seems prophetic of the Holocaust, but Gebirtig had hoped its message ("Don't stand there, brothers, douse the fire!") would be heard as an urgent call to action. He was reportedly gratified to learn, during the war, that Cracow's underground Jewish resistance had adopted Our Town is Burning as its anthem. where entire Islamic terrorism is linked with Hitler, the situation of 1936 is repeating again.... and the song validates itself in real world. you need real player to hear the song...
Es brent! Briderlekh, s'brent! It's burning, brothers, it's burning! Oy undzer orem shtetl, nebokh, brent Oy, our poor Town is burning, Beyze vintn mit irgozn Evil winds, full of anger Raysn brekhn un tzeblozn Rage and Revenge, Smash and Shatter Shtarker nokh di vilde flamen Stronger now the wind flame grows, Altz arum shoyn brent! All around now Burns Un ir shteyt un kukt azoy zikh And you stand and look just so, mit verlegter hent With your folded hands... un ir shteyt un kukt azoy zikh And you stand and look just so, Undzer shtetl brent While our Town burns! S'brent, briderlekh, s'brent! It's burning, brothers, it's burning! Oy undzer orem shtetl nebekh brent our poor Town, brothers, burns! S'hobn shoyn di fartzungen soon the rabid tongues of fire S'gantze shtetl aygengetzungen While consuming each house entire Un di beyze vintn hudzhen As the wild wind blows and howls S'gantze shtetl brent! The whole Town's up in flames! Un ir shteyt un kukt azoy zikh And you stand and look just so, mit verlegter hent With your folded hands... un ir shteyt un kukt azoy zikh And you stand and look just so, Undzer shtetl brent While our Town burns! S'brent, briderlekh, s'brent! It's burning, brothers, it's burning! Oy skon kholile kumen der moment God Forbid the movement should arrive, Undzer shtot mit undz tzuzamen That our town, with us, together Zol oyf ash avek in flamen should go up in ash and fire Blaybn zol, vi nokh a shlakht Leaving when the slaughter's ended Nor puste shvaze vent! Charred and empty walls! Un ir shteyt un kukt azoy zikh And you stand and look just so, mit verlegter hent With your folded hands... un ir shteyt un kukt azoy zikh And you stand and look just so, Wie undzer shtetle brent How our beautiful Town burns! S'brent briderlekh s'brent! It's burning, brothers, it's burning! Di hilf iz nor in aykh aleyn gevendt And salvation hangs on you alone Oyb dos shtetl iz aykh tayer If our town is dear to you Shteyt nit brider lesht dos fayer Grab the bucket, douse the fire Lesht mit ayer eign blut Douse it with your very blood, Bavayzt az ir dos kent Show that you know how! Shteyt nit brider ot azoy zikh don't stand there, brothers, looking on Mit farleygte hent with futile, folded arms Shteyt nit brider lesht dos fayer Grab the bucket, douse the fire Undzer shtetl brent! While Our Town burns.............

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Nice to see Oxford City Council is still very stupid

They've had a long range of bad ideas, the most recent being the decision by the councilor in charge of Oxford's recycling and waste collection services by changing the collection of household waste (food etc) from every week, to once every two weeks. She has said she is not for turning (whichever ward shes in, i hope she gets voted out). It's a national scheme (though councils were told to bury plans about changing from the current setup to this marvelous scheme to increase the rat population in the UK before this weeks local elections). So what is Oxford City Councils latest brain wave ? Faith based home improvements. So if your religion demands that you cook over an open flame, the council will pay for a gas cooker to be installed. It's utter drivel, it basically creates further divides in the local community which a political party like the BNP will take advantage of. Stuart Craft leader of the Independent Working Class Association pointed this out fairly well: "This is a potential recruiting document for the British National Party - it's nonsense and it's unfair. This is a secular society, the council should not be pandering to separate religions." The best quote about this story comes from a Muslim councillor by the name of Dr Tia MacGregor: "What this strategy is saying is if you want something because of your faith, you get it. What about Jedi Knights - would they have a cupboard fitted to put their light sabres in?

"If the council wants a budget for home improvements they have to be for everyone, you can't discriminate in terms of their faith."

What is needed is in fact a system that works for everybody. Though Oxford City Council can't change a lightbulb without spending several hundred pounds talking about it (Cornmarket's revamp cost more than the local and county council estimated, it went from about £1 million to about £5 million in the end). And the view of the council is just priceless (it's so politically correct i could cry but i won't): "This is part of a much wider programme of choice for tenants and ensuring we are culturally sensitive.

"It's not going to be a drain on resources, it's about recognising and working with the variety of people in the city and realising they are not all identikit."

This is one of the problems in the UK, we are dividing communitys along cultural lines. We should all be treated the same, while recognising the value of each culture that is either native or imported through immigration into the UK. People should be free to follow a religion if they so wish or not follow one. But when it comes to local and national government services people should be treated equally but fairly, rather than politicians pandering to religions. The Catholic Church for example tried to scupper new equality laws for homosexuals and lesbians by threatening to close it's catholic adoption agencys in the UK and appealing to members of parliament who are catholic to vote against the bill. They failed in the attempt to block the bills passage through Parliament. This Is Oxfordshire article.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Insane Indian Historians

As a Indian, now relocated to west. I always knew, that leftist Indian government is hiding tremendous amount of secrets under the carpet. the birth of Deobandi sect of Islam (which represent Taliban ), is linked with 1857 Sepoy mutiny in India. Indian government, under his minority appeasement policies are always putting half truth in front of all Indians, but check this video out, How Proudly they accepted it.
“1857 was the first expression of the struggle to emerge as a nation. It is stuff that the national legends are made of. And every nation needs myths,” says Chandan Mitra, Editor, The Pioneer.
Myths ? It is tragic that a country of billions of educated and intelligent people are guided by such Historians, which legally feed myths inside the native population. and further, they even seek to negate the Hindu Holocaust–mostly unwittingly. The partly fabricated history feed right from childhood in Indian youth, and partly for being politically correct, had brought the great Indian nation on crossroads. a lot of Indians seek like me seeks answers. A Nation cannot be built on a foundation of half truths and outright lies about its own history. It leads to mistrust among its own people, as is very evident today. There’s nothing shameful in admitting Truth. On the contrary, it should, like the Holocaust museum, serve as a reminder of what should not be repeated. Ever. but Ach, Hindu Holocaust will be a reminder for Muslim minority of South Asia (including Taliban). Is it appeasing policy of UN, and for western countries like Britain, which are even planning to remove Holocaust studies from there own syllabus ? Finally, does it really matter what you call it? Holocaust, annihilation, liquidation, extermination, jihad, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, final solution, genocide, crime against humanity......all facets of the same ideology of imperialism. and UN is the last one to notice and take action, and the 1st of to shut the voices. Where Colonial imperialism ended with WW2, one root left behind was Islamic imperialism, and a dream of Global Caliphet. There’s little difference between Hitler and Aurangzeb. the only difference is, we non-Muslims build our society on guilts. thus we try to minimize the possibility, that the mistakes we have done in past repeats themselves. and we seek a way to live peacefully in globalize world. But what words should i lay here for Muslim world, which is full of conspiracy theory to negate every crime they had done....