Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The case of cyberstalking against a victim of the 7th of July tube bombings

There is a case of an Oxford Woman called Felicity Jane Lowde, who has been stalking a victim of the London tube bombings from July 7th. Exactly why she is stalking Rachel North (who has a blog that details her life since the tube bombings and her campaign for a public inquiry) is anyone's guess. Miss Lowde is now on the run, as she has been convicted of harrasing Rachel North (who is not Lowdes first victim by any means). Some of examples of the things that Lowde has said towards Miss North are as follows: "You are a warmongering bitch. No one believes you. People hate you for what you've done. Stop trying to promote yourself and GO AWAY RACHEL." "In your wedding picture you look happy to have got away with it. But time is ticking and you'll wind up in jail with the stupid grin wiped off your evil face." Miss North has a detailed account of the stalking on her blog. I must commend Miss North's courage in the face of the harrasment she has recieved from Miss Lowde. Hopefully Miss Lowde will be arrested and then face justice. I do believe that a public inquiry should be held into July 7th, but i don't think there is any political stomach for one, at least from Labour. It seems Miss Lowde is a typical internet stalker, posting comments to back herself up and to try and paint herself as the victim. Rachel North's own words about the case. Oxford Mail story.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the link. Glad to say she was caught on Weds and is now in jail awaiting sentencing and psychiatric reports!

Kevin said...

Glad to hear shes been caught.
I hope this is an end to your problems with this particular person.