Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Insane Indian Historians

As a Indian, now relocated to west. I always knew, that leftist Indian government is hiding tremendous amount of secrets under the carpet. the birth of Deobandi sect of Islam (which represent Taliban ), is linked with 1857 Sepoy mutiny in India. Indian government, under his minority appeasement policies are always putting half truth in front of all Indians, but check this video out, How Proudly they accepted it.
“1857 was the first expression of the struggle to emerge as a nation. It is stuff that the national legends are made of. And every nation needs myths,” says Chandan Mitra, Editor, The Pioneer.
Myths ? It is tragic that a country of billions of educated and intelligent people are guided by such Historians, which legally feed myths inside the native population. and further, they even seek to negate the Hindu Holocaust–mostly unwittingly. The partly fabricated history feed right from childhood in Indian youth, and partly for being politically correct, had brought the great Indian nation on crossroads. a lot of Indians seek like me seeks answers. A Nation cannot be built on a foundation of half truths and outright lies about its own history. It leads to mistrust among its own people, as is very evident today. There’s nothing shameful in admitting Truth. On the contrary, it should, like the Holocaust museum, serve as a reminder of what should not be repeated. Ever. but Ach, Hindu Holocaust will be a reminder for Muslim minority of South Asia (including Taliban). Is it appeasing policy of UN, and for western countries like Britain, which are even planning to remove Holocaust studies from there own syllabus ? Finally, does it really matter what you call it? Holocaust, annihilation, liquidation, extermination, jihad, ethnic cleansing, mass murder, final solution, genocide, crime against humanity......all facets of the same ideology of imperialism. and UN is the last one to notice and take action, and the 1st of to shut the voices. Where Colonial imperialism ended with WW2, one root left behind was Islamic imperialism, and a dream of Global Caliphet. There’s little difference between Hitler and Aurangzeb. the only difference is, we non-Muslims build our society on guilts. thus we try to minimize the possibility, that the mistakes we have done in past repeats themselves. and we seek a way to live peacefully in globalize world. But what words should i lay here for Muslim world, which is full of conspiracy theory to negate every crime they had done....

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shlemazl said...

Interesting. Didn't know some of this. Different perspective too.