Wednesday, September 5, 2007

'Masked' the play

Last night, I saw something that had me very deeply disturbed. I saw a play called 'Masked,' about three Palestinian brothers. This was written by Ami Dayan, Moshe Dayan's nephew. One of the brothers is a suspected 'collaborator' with Israel, one is an Arafish stooge, and one is young and impressionable - the question is where he will go in the future. The play ignored several key parts to the 'Palestinian' question, namely, Islam and jihad. The word 'jihad' was not mentioned once. Moreover, the suffering of the Israelis at the hands of these 'Palestinians' was not mentioned at all. I also saw the choice of the 'collaborater' brother as a false one. Given how leftist Barak basically left a number of the Southern Lebanese army to die after the withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000...why would ANYONE want to risk their life to be a 'collaborator' if they get little to nothing in return?

But anyway, that was only half of my criticism. The brunt was aimed at one of the members of the panel discussion after the play, Elik Elhanan. He said that he lost his sister, and he blamed the death of his sister on the 'cycle of violence' caused by 'the occupation.'

I raised my hand and said "With all due respect, Mr. Elhanan, but there is no cycle of violence. Arafat was offered all that Israel could be willing to give in 2000, and he answered that with the Intifada."

In response, Elhanan said "Oh, but you don't know what was offered, have you seen maps?"

I said "Yes, I have. Dennis Ross wrote a book about this."

Then he incredibly said that you cannot trust Dennis Ross! Abram Epstein, an old and tired leftist Jew also on the panel, responded that his 'Palestinian' friends would say this was all about East Jerusalem. I responded "With all due respect, this was not about East Jerusalem. This was about the 'right of return,' which everyone knows is a ploy to destroy Israel. And moreover, when Israel does not return fire, they get MORE fire, not less. There is absolutely no cycle of violence."

Then some other audience members had a few other comments to make, and Epstein had the gaul to say that Hamas does not have to recognize Israel, as that would be like having the Native Americans recognize America. The most we could expect is they will renounce violence. I responded (shouting out in the audience), "Oh, you mean a hudna." He got very angry at that suggestion, and said "No, I mean long term peace." I laughed at him when he said that. It should be noted that Native Americans recognize America, and certainly have no terror campaign as the 'Palestinians' do.

Finally, it was down to closing comments. Blah, blah, blah. Then down to Elhanan. My friend sitting next to me whispered "Watch him say occupation!" Next thing you know, Elhanan, in his sinister way, said "Really, this is all about the occupation. My sister died due to the occupation. Little children on all sides have died due to the occupation. The occupation is the cause of all the troubles, and drives the 'Palestinians' to commit their terror!" (talk about soft bigotry of low expectations!) My friend and I laughed out loud, right in front of him, as he uttered such tripe.

What a travesty. Little old ladies thanked me afterwards, for stating FACTS in the midst of Jewish self hating LIES. It was disgusting to see such lies propagated to an audience who maybe does not know so much about the conflict, and now might buy into the garbage. Very sinister.

I would like to add that Elhanan stated that he and his cronies, 'Combatants for Peace,' go into 'Palestinian' areas and 'protect' the 'Palestinians' from Israeli bulldozers and IDF action. This is Rachel Corrie-esque. I hence view Elhanan, who organizes far leftist soldiers to not fight in the 'territories,' and 'protects' the 'Palestinians' from IDF action to be a traitor to Israel and the Jewish nation. I wanted to spit at him, I was so furious to see him. He should honestly be tried and convicted of treason, for the activities he has done.

What makes it the most tragic is that he lost his sister, killed by 'Palestinians.' Instead of blaming the right source, he and his family blamed ISRAEL! They blamed the victim! I sort of understand this mentality, as it is twofold. On the one hand, he must think that if people hate Jews so much, they have to have a reason! Many Jews turned to self hatred from this respect, during and after the Holocaust. On the other hand, it is much easier (and safer) to rail against Israel than it is to rail against the corrupt Jew-hating thugs which make up the 'Palestinian' leadership and media (indoctrinating all 'Palestinians' to hate) It gives him hope to rail against Israel, as Israel is a democracy, and responsive to his hate. In contradistinction, the 'Palestinians' would not stop their butchery of Israeli civilians due to Elhanan's action or inaction.

So sad. There was a British man on the panel, Glemore Trenear-Harvey, and as soon as I heard his British accent, I figured he would be a dhimmi. (due to recent British politics) While he most certainly was misguided, he actually was less misguided than the Jews on the panel!

If that does not sum up what is wrong with modern leftist Jews in a nutshell, what does?


Carl in Jerusalem supplied information about Elhanan's mother. Evidently she was a speaker at a UN-sponsored conference of hate against Israel. With parents such as those, it is no wonder he came out as he did.


Michael said...

RT, I don't think that we'll ever be able to reach folks like Elhanan with the truth, but kudos to you for confronting him, so that the audience could hear.

elik said...

hello ms. tulips
i just now saw your post about me and felt like responding. i will not comment on your astounding ignorance, self righteousness and racism. I'll just say a word or two about your manners and cowardliness. as you are hiding now behind an alias, while using my name, then you were hiding in the crowd. i cant remember your questions, i can't remember you confronting me, or anyone saluting you. i do remember the general sense of nausea in the room when two vulgar women laughed when i was talking of the death of my sister. i remember you being hushed. you and i belong to opposing worlds, opposing camps and are indeed enemies. all i have to say is that: the contempt i feel for you now and the contept that was felt for you in that room, will be shared by all because it is my hope and firm believe that all you fascists are bound to lose
Elik Elhanan
combatants for peace

Red Tulips said...

Uh huh.

Well, Mr. Elhanan, I have news for you. I was with a male friend, and so whoever you saw laughing was not me.

I did not laugh at the thought of your sister dying. I laughed at the fact that you blamed your sister's death "on the occupation," rather than on the murderers of your poor sister. It is so absurd as to be laughable.

You are a parody of yourself. You pretend to be so "brave," and yet you only go after IDF operations. Do you ever fight with Hamas? After all, you claim to believe in 'peace,' and anyone with half a brain would see that Hamas is hardly 'peaceful.'

No, you only fight against the democratic state that believes in human rights. You are the epitome of the limousine liberal, hiding behind your Marxist principles, thinking you are acting out for the 'common man,' when you are doing anything but. And should anyone disagree with you, they are a 'racist' and a 'fascist.' No more evidence is needed other than your proclamations!

You are the worst enemy the 'Palestinians' ever could have. You help to elevate Hamas, and they are murdering 'Palestinians' and making life miserable for the common person. But that does not matter to you. All that matters is your attempt to delegitimize and destroy Israel. All other forms of collateral damage are irrelevant.

I was angry when I wrote the original column, and so I wrote I would spit at you. The truth is that I no longer feel that way. I would not spit at you as that degenerates to your level. Instead I have the calm knowledge that your way of thinking is destructive and anti-human rights, your protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.

The truth will win out, and your version of reality is a lie.

Oded said...

No worries Elik.
Ms. or Mr. Tulips has already lost.
look at how little self control he has.
look at how he refuses to see that good people can do bad things. That free people, like us, Israelis, should be proud to be able to be responsible for the bad things we do.
Mr. or Ms. Tulips has already lost because he/she has no idea what freedom is.

Red Tulips said...


Interesting that you have not a single substantive reply to my comment.

Instead, as is so predictable, you launch into your tired platitudes about how I do not believe in 'peace.'

Third parties can so easily see who has facts on their side and who has hysteria.

Anonymous said...

I only hope is that creatures such as the Tulips will never leave the comfort of their homes in the USA and will never come to contaminate the air of ISrael-Palestine which is already over-contaminated by their species.

Red Tulips said...


WOW, now you call me a member of a different species!

In response to my concerns that Elik Elhanan and his ilk are cowards who are openly supporting Hamas, I am dehumanized and called a fascist!

Rather comical how you have no reply, only anger/dehumanization/ad hominem attacks.

I am enjoying these comments, as I see the intellectual paucity of the so-called 'peace' movement, a movement which in reality works against true peace and against humanity.