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The President's Dissonant Speech

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There were several main goals of President Bush's recent address to the Knesset in Jerusalem: to reinforce the perception that the government of America is a staunch friend of Israel; to shore up the expulsion regime of the American elite's client regime headed by Ehud Olmert; to soften up the hearts and heads of Israeli Jews to accept more 'painful sacrifices' for 'peace'; to distract attention from America's arming and training of Fatah and to draw a facile distinction between Iran, Fatah and Hamas…

Islam, as the past two administrations have taught us "is a religion of peace" thus we are duly prepped for the ascendancy of that menacing hollow man, made-in-a-lab, B.H. Obama.

Few politicians are born but many are made… the lust for power, to be a made-man or woman intertwines tightly with the purple tones of the twilight times.

VP Cheney flew to the Middle East a few weeks ago. In Israel he declared that America must never do anything to compromise Israel's security. Then he flew to Amman and demanded the speedy creation of a "Palestinian State" which would destroy whatever remains of Israel's security and drive a last big nail into the coffin of history. Cheney's a politician and speaketh readily with forked tongue…

May 14th was the sixtieth anniversary of David Ben Gurion's declaration of Israel's independence. Miracles of course do not happen in one day: they are the result of many choices and deeds as well as the holy life energies of the Creator [1] acting over large tracts of space and time. For one thing, the occupying British who greatly assisted the Final Solution (delegated to their continental cousins, the Germans) did not leave the Promised Land that day in May sixty years ago: it took them a few more months to finish arming their Arab troops for the Federation on which they're still working with many helpers [2].  But politicians are not only personae, they are 'party-animals' so President Bush and an impressive entourage visited Jerusalem where he delivered an address remarkable for its incongruence with American policy, its internal dissonance and its effects on American presidential politics.

Remember that neither this nor any other post-War President formulates foreign or economic policy: he announces or indicates its shape, however bizarre; he may have some input into its articulation. But he doesn't want to choke to death on popcorn or anything else…

He read some lines remarkable for their sense: "we consider it a source of shame that the United Nations routinely passes more human rights [sic] resolutions against [Israel] than any other nation in the world" (with the United States being second as whipping boy for the "international community") [3].  But really, that is its purpose, shaped both by providence and the global oligarchy; condemning and dicing the Jews with attrition and dependency is the method and goal of "the Quartet" which is ALL the states in the world (the US, USSR, EU and UN). "In the end of days, all nations of the world will gather against Jerusalem…"

If Mr. Bush or his speech writers were serious about the UN, they, and previous administrations would have withdrawn decades ago and Israel with them. The dissonance shows that the oligarchs run American policy and intend no good to America or Israel.

The President denounced the Nazis and their assistants saying "they could not take away the spirit of the Jewish people and they could not break the promise of God." He's right, and that's a miracle (see above); and it's almost a miracle that this is the same fellow that said he looked into the pope's eyes and saw god [4]. This is why we noted that Presidents do not formulate policy nor write their own speeches anymore; this is why we note the kinship of politicians to harlotry.

Near the end of his speech, Mr. Bush made a reference rarely made by the dominant faction in Israel: "over the past six decades [actually, it has taken centuries] the Jewish people have raised a modern society in the Promised Land, a light into the nations that preserves the legacy of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob." If only this were more true; if only the oligarchy that the West keeps in power in Israel wanted this to happen; if only Israel was a Constitutional Monarchy settled in its tribal territories from the Sea of Reeds to the Euphrates and from the Arabian wilderness to the Western Sea. Did someone forget to tell the speech writers that every time Ms. Rice descends upon Israel she demands that her sub-contractors remove checkpoints so that more Jews can be murdered and destroy more Jewish towns and synagogues; to destroy Israeli army bases or Jewish-owned land and to build cities for the fictional "Palestinians" in their place? That they join her bosses in declaring Jews "illegal" residents in the center of the Promised Land? And that as checkpoints to weed out Arab murderers are dismantled, checkpoints to inhibit Jews from traveling to their homes are erected as part of the ethnic cleansing plan.

No, no one forgot anything. This was a birthday speech made in Jerusalem for those who love the promise of the Promised Land. It was politics. If it was Riyadh or Moscow or Rome or Zagreb a very different speech would have been made with a different amount of attention paid. After all, the key policy goal of both Bush II administrations has been to create a fake state for a non-existent people to curtail fulfilment of the Promise and legacy the President invoked. He may even have noted the dissonance in his writers having him hallucinate about a peaceful Palestinian State sixty years hence, "in a new period of tolerance and integration," they're smoking dope.

Being only VP, Mr. Cheney can be far more succinct and honestly dissonant, hoisting the thesis and antithesis clearly and in close proximity to enhance our virtual reality, the lie made truth.

But the above is background for the turmoil, probably pre-scripted that the President's remarks stirred up Stateside. Mr. Bush's writers had him denounce "the false comfort of appeasement" and the belief "that we should negotiate with terrorists" which is exactly what American policy requires that Israel do, it's blared out and enforced almost daily; it also is the catechism of Team Blue. State might quibble: didn't Mr. Bush himself declare that Abu Mazen (now decked in three-piece suits and called Mahmoud Abbas) "is a man of courage" and a "moderate" (May 2005) rather than the good cop to Hamas' bad cop? Mr. Abbas a few weeks ago vaunted to the press in Transjordan about the good old days when he and his co-worker Mr. Arafat created the PLO from Fatah (into which it has again devolved for the one is just a transliterated acronym of the other) for the same old purpose of destroying the Jewish State whose miracle Mr. Bush had extolled.

In any case, Team Blue acted as if this "delusion" and "false comfort of appeasement" applied only to them; Mr. Obama particularly was appalled: appeasement is his middle name. His purpose is to dissolve America into a North American Union and generic and impoverished part of the world state. The distinguished Senator from Delaware, Joseph Biden commented that Mr. Bush's praise of Israel was "B******it" [5]. Oh how the "debate" raged between "liberal and conservative commentators" for whom guests are props for the delivery of the daily truth.

Of course Team Blue is appeasers and destroyers of sovereignty; so are the Carlisle Group and much of Team Red, especially its upper echelons. Indeed the relation between the teams (America's 'two' political parties) recalls Hardy's poem "the Convergence of the Twain" and Milton's description of the ambiguity of death "if shape it might be called that shadow seemed…" [6]; the teams' contrived argument exemplified my essays on convergence in the purple dusk: boundaries dissolve; integrity, identity and history fade. The foreign policy teams of each candidate could fit snugly into the Carter or first Bush administrations: shape seems shadow and shadow shape; "fair is foul and foul is fair, -- hover through the fog and filthy air." It's the time of the lie made truth and erasure of history, even while the past is given "mouth honor." Today, "nothing is but what is not" as virtual reality meets reality TV in a climate like the fog in Macbeth's disintegrating mind and Culturetainment invites us to waltz on the decks of the Titanic.  

In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad referred to Brussels as "a whited sepulcher." The same may be said of D.C. or Moscow, London or Rome as the new world disorder draws near, brandishing its dart… famine, plague, war and population reduction; despite the recent speech about the Nazis' failure, eugenic dogma has never been more entrenched in high places.

It is a time of trouble for Israel as the West destroys itself by attacking its root.

1.  Rambam, Yesodei HaTorah, 2:7 and Ramban on Genesis 1, the words "Bara" and "Yetzirah."

2. Samuel Katz, Days of Fire (Israel 1966; NY Doubleday 1968) remains the best source in English on events in Israel during the 1940s. Planned by 1915 in the subsequently abrogated Sykes-Picot treaty, secretly advanced by David Lloyd George at Versailles and then openly by Churchill in 1921-2, by 1944 the British plan for an Arab Federation featured merging the Lebanon and "Syria" (states that had never yet existed) with Transjordan (ditto) and Israel in a block to be merged subsequently with the state of "Iraq" which the British at that point were still trying to get into place. "In August 1944 the British government gave its representatives in the Middle East the go-ahead to implement 'the Fertile Crescent Plan.'" Call it the Assyrian Empire redux in which "Christian and Jewish minorities would enjoy [sic] autonomy." This plan is now called the Road Map and interlocks with other regional groupings served by the beer ad. Javier Solana and Tony Blair have been "crisis managing" in and around the Gaza Strip as George Tenet used to do.  You can't manage a crisis unless there's a crisis to manage. That's why Israel must be ruled by an oligarchy sub-contracted to the global oligarchs that deny Israel the fruits of victory, to fight for total victory or even fight a war at all, as was plain in July-August 2006. Into this Fertile Crescent, Arabia and the Gulf states fit like a big, fat oil-sloshed plug.
Just as the ancient Assyrians ruled their sprawling imperium by transferring populations and scrambling discreet peoples, so the new world omelet does the same via multiculturalism and 'free flow' of human resources across artificial borders.
The renewed press for Israel to surrender the Golan to Syria indicates the relentless Anglo-American push to achieve the Fertile Crescent Plan.

3. See for reports, inter alia, on the UN "human rights commission" which is dominated by the Arab League and other Islamic states, most of them created by Western empires with whom they continue to work hand-in-glove.

4. See note to EWTN in previous essay and note that the current pope is fast-tracking the beatification of Pius XII who couldn't bring himself to mention the massacre of  Jews during WW II and even made speeches inflaming the deicide claim. See John Cornwell, Hitler's Pope (1999).

5. Our previous essay discussed "the coarsening of speech" and "the reversion of the beast folk" in the prescient and nasty self-fulfilling prophecy of H. G. Wells (the Island of Dr. Moreau) for he and his fellow oligarchic world-breakers have done all they can to make people revert to beasts, the better to treat them as such.

6. John Milton, Paradise Lost (1673), Book II. 666-70, "if shape it might be called that shape had none…" Milton's description of death describes post-modernism's institutionalized ambiguities and negation of integrity. So does the bizarre trans-gendered nature of Aphrodite, see Hesiod, Theogeny 160-210; contrast the Hellenist idea of the love goddess and love to Genesis 24. For Macbeth references see 1.1.4, 10-11; 1.3.39, 83-5, 130-42, 5.3.22-8, passim.

[visit  & learn from our virtual encyclopedia. E.N. WW III: the War on the Jews (2007)

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