Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Land of milk and start ups

While I am on an updating surge, I thought I would link an article about "Silicon Wadi," namely, the high tech industry in Israel. It is quite an interesting and informative read. Take a look!

The mindset of the typical Israeli entrepreneur has also helped shape the business. He (and it is usually a he, for there are even fewer female entrepreneurs than in Silicon Valley) is more of a nuts-and-bolts innovator than a clever marketer. Having grown up in a truly multicultural society, he is well equipped to deal with diversity, for instance in standards bodies. Being used to less generous funding, he knows how to improvise. Many Israelis also see their work as an act of patriotism, which explains how they can be both ultra-competitive, yet help each other out. And they are more interested in inventing things than in protecting them with patents. “It's like painting a good picture for others to see it,” says Zion Hadad, boss of Runcom, a pioneer of WiMax, an upstart wireless-broadband technology.

Read it all, for insight into the Israeli high tech industry!

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