Wednesday, July 19, 2006

President Bush Uses The First Veto Of His Presidency To Strike Down Science...and Hope

I mean I get emotional when I see this - This president does not represent the interests of the majority electorate in America. He is a zealot and he placates to his fanatical small religious base at the expense of the hopes and dreams of others who actually are living and consciously experiencing pain and depression. He serves only to inhibit scientific progress and human advancement and is a danger to mankind, for a variety of reasons, while holding such a powerful office. Update: Shortened Hyperlink


Red Tulips said...


Firstly, I cannot wait to see you after the bar exam.

Secondly, you know how pro-stem cells I am. But that post of your's is a huuuuuuuge mischaracterization of the president's actions.

In fact, all the president has done is strike federal funding of stem cells. Private funding is still available.

This is hardly striking down science and hope. On the other hand, if he made stem cells illegal, I would have to agree with you that that action would have been blatantly anti-science/anti-thought/anti-hope.

Steven said...

Off topic:

Bush refuses to allow children in Uganda (and probably elsewhere) to be taught about contraception - only abstinance.

These countries have a high proportion of AIDS and many youths seem to think that raping a virgin is a cure. My sister volunteered in Uganda and worked with StraightTalk in order to teach both students and teachers.

Red Tulips said...


I would agree with you that the situation in Uganda is what makes me sick about the Bush presidency.

The stem cells issue has been blown out of proportion, but not the abstinence only education, and the way the US policy of abstinence only education has contributed to the spread of AIDS in Africa.

That's a legacy Bush will have to live with.